Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: New Details Revealed About Dark Dog, Mice, and Worm Pokemon!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: The release date of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is rapidly approaching, however, the firms involved have only released a small number of new species prior to debut, with the most dependable information for the Pokedex coming from a small number of leakers.

People who feel they have been cheated by Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have found a wealth of knowledge in the leaks of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, such as the Paradox Pokemon, various creature archetypes, and basic typings.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

No franchise is immune to the difficulty of sorting out real leaks from hoaxes. Kaka and Riddler Khu are two of the most trusted leakers, with many of their predictions about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s marketing coming true. As a result, the information provided by Khu on what fans may expect from the Dark Dog, the Mice Family, and the new Worm Evolution lines is significantly more reliable than that provided by other sources.

The Mice Family is probably the most intriguing aspect of this story. This mouse-like Pokemon’s evolution line was first seen in a leaked video before making an official appearance in a promo for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.

The species develops into a mouse family, however, there appear to be two distinct varieties. Since catching this Pokemon appears to be completely random, Khu advises players to try to capture as many of it as possible in case they happen upon the extremely uncommon Mice Family evolution.

Fit dough and Greavard, two of the three Dog evolution lines reported for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, have been known about for some time thanks to leaks. A Dark-type Dog Pokemon has also joined the party; Khu just mentioned that it undergoes a color shift during its two-stage evolution.

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New Details Revealed About Dark Dog, Mice, and Worm Pokemon!

It appears that the first variant is orange and the second is grey. This “puzzle” could be referring to something more profound, but more than likely it’s just the way the colors are laid out. The last one seems to depict the form of the new segmented Worm Pokemon, the most notable aspect of which is its predominately pink coloring.

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It is remarkable that so few new Pokemon have been formally unveiled, given the proximity of the release date. Worse yet, it appears from leaked Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedexes that the game would feature 400 Pokemon, 297 of which will be returning mons and 103 of which will be new monsters.

That is to say, it seems like there is still a lot that may be displayed before launch, but it’s unclear how blind Game Freak and The Pokemon Company want fans to stay.

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