Need For Speed Unbound – Release Date, Platforms And Other Details

nfs unbound release date
nfs unbound release date

After a three-year break between games, EA finally unveiled the release date and name of NFS 2022 in their reveal trailer. The one-and-a-half-minute trailer, which featured well-known artist A$AP Rocky, revealed a December 2, 2022 release date, a radical new visual aesthetic, and a continued emphasis on street racing.

Cops and a focus on nighttime street racing also make a comeback. Like NFS 2015, NFS Unbound uses live-action characters, but it takes a different approach with more stylized and animated characters. Before the release of NFS Unbound, here are all the details fans should be aware of.

NFS unbound Release Date

The date of Need For Speed Unbound’s release, December 2, 2022, indicates that it won’t be long before players can start driving.

NFS unbound Platforms

Release platforms for Need for Speed Unbound include the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
Starting on November 29, EA Play subscribers will be able to participate in a 10-hour trial. In addition, the PC Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition will be available to EA Play Pro subscribers on November 29 — three days prior to launch.

Need for Speed Unbound- Developer and Publisher

Electronic Arts will publish the Need for Speed video game, as was to be expected. This time, the task of creating Need for Speed: Unbound has been given to Criterion Games. This is the same team that created titles like Burnout Paradise, Battlefield 2042, NFS Rivals, and NFS Most Wanted, to name a few.

NFS unbound Gameplay details

A consequence system with a risk and reward dynamic that plays out before and after each race will be introduced by Need for Speed Unbound. Players will get to place bets that, should they lose or misjudge a risk, could benefit them or cost them money.

A family auto shop robbery will be the setting for the game’s plot, which will follow two friends as they strive to become the best street racers and recover the priceless car that was taken from them.
The graffiti that players see as they ride through the city has a big influence on the game’s visual aesthetic. The competition heats up as more players compete. Players will therefore need to use new escape mechanics to outdrive or outsmart the police. If they are caught, escaping can result in significant rewards or even negative outcomes.

The leader of the Takeover Scene, a new replayable precision driving mode that unites the game’s racing community, will be the musician A$AP Rocky.

NFS Unbound Story, Settings, and Map

A fictitious version of Chicago called Lakeshore serves as the setting for NFS Unbound. The rural mountain region, a sizable quarry, and the neon-lit city of Chicago are just a few of the diverse locations on this NFS map.

Here is the official plot summary for the game so you can get an idea of what to expect: “In order to advance to The Grand, Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge, you must outwit the police, race against time, and complete weekly qualifiers. Fill your garage with finely tuned, custom vehicles and light up the streets with your personal sense of style, one-of-a-kind outfits, and an energetic global soundtrack that beats everywhere.”

Is NFS Unbound Getting A Car Customization Tool?

Of course it is. Car customization has always played a significant role in the game and will continue to do so in Unbound. The Unbound website has already revealed a number of the game’s famous cars, but players are allegedly given a tonne of customization options for these vehicles. With a tiered car system akin to Forza Horizon, Crimmins promises “thousands of thousands” of unique possibilities.

NFS Unbound Price

NFS Unbound’s standard edition will cost $70 across all platforms, like the majority of upcoming AAA games. Even though the price increase is disappointing, it won’t be long before $69.99 becomes the norm for current-gen AAA games.

NFS unbound Trailer

The stylized, cel-shaded aesthetic of the game—which has an almost anime-like appearance in the new trailer—marks a significant shift in the series’ tone. Need for Speed has typically leaned toward a more realistic art style, but this new game will take a completely different approach.

In the YouTube video, the game’s description states that players will have access to weekly challenges and even have to outrun law enforcement. There was no gameplay shown in the trailer, but EA will provide more information today at 11 a.m. ET.

Although it appears you’ll have to wait until the showcase later today before preorders go live, players who preorder Need for Speed Unbound will receive access three days early and will also receive a few items.

Need for Speed Heat, the series’ final title, debuted in 2019 and was produced by Ghost Games.
Criterion Games, a seasoned maker of racing games best known for the cherished Burnout series, is currently working on Unbound. Criterion also created Need for Speed games, such as Most Wanted (2012) and Rivals (2013), but with Unbound, the studio will make its first appearance in the Need for Speed franchise in almost ten years.

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