Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Premiere Date And Time – How To Get A Code!

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release date is approaching, and if you’re one of the many fans who can’t wait to get their hands on this new shooter from Activision, you’ll be pleased to know that the Modern Warfare 2 beta starts time is quickly approaching. That’s right, you’ll be able to use your Modern Warfare 2 beta codes to gain access to an early build of MW2 in a matter of days – and we’ll tell you exactly when you can start playing.

Before we get into the specifics, it’s worth noting that this weekend’s beta – labeled weekend one – is a PlayStation-exclusive Modern Warfare 2 beta. This means that whether you’re playing the Modern Warfare 2 beta during the early access period or the open access beta period, you’ll only be able to experience Modern Warfare 2 on a PlayStation – for the time being. Don’t worry, the beta will be available the following week on Xbox consoles and PC.

When Will The Modern Warfare 2 Beta Begin?


  • Early Access is scheduled for September 16-17.
  • September 18-20, Open Beta
  • September 22-23, Open Beta
  • September 24-26, Open Beta

PC and Xbox

  • Early Access – September 22nd and 23rd
  • September 24-26, Open Beta

The first beta weekend (September 16-20) will be limited to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, while the second weekend (September 22-26) will be open to all players.

During the second weekend, crossplay will be enabled, which means that PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players will be able to play each other regardless of platform.

How To Get A Modern Warfare 2 Beta Code

Players who want to participate in the Modern Warfare 2 beta can do so by pre-ordering the game at various retailers, or digitally via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, or PC.

If a user pre-orders from Amazon, they will receive the code and will be able to cancel their pre-order, allowing them to participate in the beta without having to buy the game.
Activision says the beta will include a “robust multiplayer experience that goes beyond the Core 6v6 experience” as well as a variety of maps and modes.

Players who participate in the beta will be able to earn a variety of in-game rewards that will be available in the main Modern Warfare II game when it launches.

Maps, modes, and mechanics for Modern Warfare 2 beta

Typically, beta periods are used by developers to test aspects of the game that they want to improve based on public feedback. Call of Duty Vanguard’s beta allowed players to try out the brand new Champion Hill game mode, and we now know that the MW2 open beta will include a slew of new multiplayer modes and maps.

New water mechanic

Previously, hitting water meant instant death – a far more humiliating death than being gunned down by an opponent. Water is a game changer in Modern Warfare 2 in an entirely different way. Use it to avoid detection, escape by boat, or even descend below the surface. Use the beta to figure out how your weapons react differently when used in open water.

New vehicle gameplay

Along with a slew of new vehicles for MW2 and Warzone 2.0, there are some new in-vehicle mechanics to learn. You can shoot out the window if you’re confident in your driving abilities. Yes, including the driver. In one match, blow out tyres, destroy vehicle bumpers and doors, and pilot cars, boats, and planes.

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All-new Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith weapon customization alters what you know about the system by introducing new weapon platforms and fewer attachments per weapon, simplifying the system since Vanguard.

New Multiplayer modes

  • Knockout

You and your team must close in on a specific area on the map in order to grab a bag of cash, combining elements from other COD multiplayer modes with the final circle aspect of Warzone. In this fast-paced, round-based mode, get the bag or eliminate the opposing team to win.

  • Prisoner escape

With extraction, you can search and destroy. Now, enemy teams are holding hostages, and you must free them. Simply protecting them will not work, and enemy weapons will not harm them; they will only slow you down. Get them to safety while remembering that the operative carrying them will be slowed.

  • Invasion

The new Ground War experience, Invasion, is a massive, chaotic battle to the death. Massive teams of AI and player enemies push to the front line, taking out either for points, and the team with the most points wins.

Maps for multiplayer

  • Maps of battle

New Ground War mode maps have been created using lessons learned from Verdansk. These larger maps include POIs from the upcoming Warzone 2.0 map and can accommodate up to 64 players (32 v 32), with every building and vehicle being interactable.

  • Core Maps

Smaller, 6v6 maps produce more intense close-combat battles and are designed simpler than previous multiplayer maps – this is beneficial because you’ll need to know them inside and out to take advantage. Valderas Museum, Farm 18, Mercado Las Almas, and – hopefully – Grand Prix are among the maps we know can be tested in the beta.

  • Third-person perspective

With third-person playlists, Modern Warfare 2 adds a fresh perspective to Call of Duty multiplayer. While first and third-person perspectives are still distinct, this may change based on beta feedback. You can see a larger field, switch between shoulders, and still aim accurately with a first-person view while aiming down sights in third-person mode.


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