How To Unlock Special KFC Diablo 4 Promo? Weapons And Early Access

KFC Diablo 4 Promo
KFC Diablo 4 Promo

Introducing the KFC Diablo 4 promo! Unlocking exclusive cosmetic items for the game is a breeze. Earlier this year, in March, KFC and Blizzard collaborated to offer Diablo 4 open beta vouchers in exchange for the popular Double Down sandwich. (In an even funny promotion, they gave fans free cleaning services so they could play the game all weekend long without having to go outside.)

It looks like the relationship worked out so well that KFC and Blizzard made another Diablo 4 promotion. This time, though, players who take part can get a few cosmetic items to use in the game. Scroll down to learn how to unlock the KFC Diablo 4 promo, details on other rewards, and Early Access release time.

How To Unlock Special KFC Diablo 4 Promo?

KFC Diablo 4 Promo
KFC Diablo 4 Promo

The procedure is simple:

  • Create a KFC account, sync that to your account, and get one item. Both accounts are free to create.
  • Use your KFC online account (or the app) to order “a qualifying product,” and you get another free item. This means you have to order four qualifying food items (there are many) to complete the set. The FAQ on the promo page has more. The offer is good through July 2.

With KFC and linked, every cosmetic award will be available in a player’s account after they make a qualifying purchase and redeem it through the My Diablo Rewards Page.

July 2 is the last day to buy things at KFC that count toward the Diablo 4-branded prizes. Customers have until July 15 to claim all of their available items.

Wowhead has found that players of Diablo 4 won’t be able to earn the special items out of order. In other words, there is no way to choose which exclusive to use first.

KFC Diablo 4 Promo Weapons

KFC Weapons List:

  • First Reward– Vessel of the Eleven
  • Second Reward– Dread Pheasant Slayer
  • Third Reward– Hand of Gallus
  • Fourth Reward- Thrumming Axle
  • Fifth Reward– Foul Reaper

KFC Weapons
by u/FlamePuppet in Diablo

Diablo 4 Early Access Release Time

The full global launch of Diablo IV will take place on June 5th and 6th depending on your region and mirrors the exact same times as Early Access: June 5th @ 4pm PDT. June 5th @ 7pm EDT


In a successful partnership between KFC and Blizzard, the Diablo 4 promotion continues with an opportunity for players to unlock exclusive cosmetic items for the game. By creating a KFC account and syncing it with their account, players receive one item. Ordering a qualifying product through the KFC online platform or app grants another free item. To complete the set, players must order four qualifying food items.

The cosmetic rewards are earned in a specific order and cannot be chosen individually. The promotional offer is valid until July 2nd, with the ability to claim all available items until July 15th. Diablo 4 Early Access and the global launch are set for June 5th, bringing excitement to fans worldwide.

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