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Twitch Streamers Kephrii And Gale Were Removed After Accusations Of Teaming In A $100k Tournament

kephrii cheating

kephrii cheating

Because the point system for this competition is centred on individual skill rather than team wins, individual players with high scores are vying for the grand prize. The following are the points:

1 Kill = 1 Point
1 Assist = 2 Points
1 Knife Kill = 5 Points

A knife kill is difficult enough to gain five points because players can hear you approaching behind them. Nonetheless, Gale scored three knife kills (15 points) on Kephrii, while Kephrii scored two knife kills (10 points). Gale easily killed Kephrii, according to Jake Lucky’s tweet. Many gamers were sceptical of the two after this and previous killings.

A couple players wanted to quit, but doing so would result in disqualification, thus the game went on.

Streamers Kephrii and Gale were caught working together in a $100,000 CSGO event.

On July 30, 2022, the two streamers were spotted joining up during the Twitch ReadyUp CSGO Invitational. The charges against the duo began to surface on various social media sites after they were witnessed conducting suspicious actions throughout their game to get an unfair advantage.

Unlike most other online CSGO tournaments, the ReadyUp CSGO Invitational, which was organised by Twitch in collaboration with Sony’s INZONE gaming products, had slightly different rules.

The competition used a point system in which players and teams earned points for kills. For example, killing an adversary earned a player one point, whereas assisting earned them two points. In terms of points, knife kills were the most rewarding, with each knife kill winning a play five points.

During the tournament, the two streamers, Kephrii and Gale, allegedly collaborated and fed each other knife kills.

Since it’s easy to hear someone sneaking up behind you, the fact that two players could get five knife kills in such a short amount of time seems strange. During the match, FACEIT started looking into whether Kephrii was cheating. When they looked at the supposed evidence, they found that Kephrii wasn’t cheating.

Even though this was the decision, Kephrii was later kicked out of the event because of complaints.

It may seem unfair, but if he isn’t cheating, his Counter-Strike skill level is too low for him to be in the tournament because he was a pinata for points.

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