Complete Guide: How to Unlock Tragon Ship in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is full of sailing adventures, as well as a variety of different ships. As you progress through the game, you will be able to acquire and unlock new ships. While some ships can be obtained through crafting, others must be obtained through questing. If you’re looking for the Tragon ship, you can unlock and obtain it by doing the latter. So, here’s how to get the Tragon ship in Lost Ark.

How to Get the Tragon Ship in Lost Ark

Follow these steps to obtain the Tragon ship in Lost Ark:

  • You must travel to the island of Hypnos’ Eyes and complete all of the purple-colored quests.
  • Once you’ve completed all of the quests, you’ll be able to complete a daily Una’s task called “playing by the pirate rules.”
  • Complete the yellow-colored questline to unlock Una’s daily task if you are still unable to see it after completing the quests.
  • The task entails accepting an invitation from Arena Manager Logan to participate in defense matches.
  • Accept his invitation to participate in defense matches.
  • Then, find these defense matches to get to the Hypno’s Eyes. Enter a defense match and defeat the opponent.
  • Every defense fight you win raises your reputation level.
  • Continue to grind these defense matches until you reach reputation level 3.
  • To unlock the Tragon ship as a reward, you must complete over 30 defense matches.
  • When you finish these defense matches, you will become the longest-reigning defense champion in history and will receive additional rewards.
  • On reputation level 3, you will notice a reward of a Tragon ship.
  • Completing this Una’s task will allow you to compete in a defence match and earn the Tragon Ship as a reward.
  • The Tragon ship has a base speed of 18 and is relatively impervious to Tempest seas.
  • You will also receive 36,000 pirate coins and a courage potion in addition to the Tragon ship.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to obtaining a Tragon ship in Lost Ark.

The Best Ships in Raiders of the Lost Ark

The best part about the game is that all of the ships are well-balanced and work well. However, I enjoy the Estoque because it is included for free as part of the main campaign. Furthermore, the base stats are excellent, so you won’t feel like you got the short end of the stick.

Aside from that, if I had to pick one, the Astray is an amazing ship with the fastest speed and greatest resistance. This will be your best friend if you want to travel long distances. However, depending on where you want to go, I recommend choosing a ship with appropriate resistance.

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