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Hogwarts Legacy Release Date 2022: Gameplay Features, System Requirement, Story, And Everything Else We Know

The latest Hogwarts Legacy sneak peek showed even more reasons to be interested in the Potterverse-themed open-world RPG. This holiday season, Hogwarts Legacy will allow gamers to enroll in the magical school and get the advantages of potion-making, broom-managing, and herbology education.

You won’t run into Harry, Hermione, or Ron between classes because the game is set in the late 1800s. According to legend, even Albus Dumbledore wasn’t born until 1881, giving Avalanche Software the ability to add a completely new cast of characters while remaining loyal to reality.

Hogwarts Legacy was announced at the PS5 demonstration in September 2020, but the game has been postponed until late 2022 due to controversies surrounding the involvement of the book series’ original creator JK Rowling.

The most recent release was a lengthy gameplay clip that took a look inside and outside of Hogwarts. More information on that, as well as everything else we know so far, maybe found below.

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Hogwarts Legacy Release Date 2022

Hogwarts Legacy is set to air around the Christmas season of 2022, which means it will most likely launch in November or December.

It had originally been scheduled for 2021, but it was confirmed in January of that year that it would be postponed to the next year instead.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Features

A 14-minute gameplay walkthrough of Hogwarts Legacy was part of a special March PlayStation State of Play. It explained a lot of the game’s systems and rules, which we learned about during the walkthrough. You can watch it above, and we’ll break down the important beats in greater detail below.

This is an open-world role-playing game in which you can explore Hogwarts and its environs – including Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest – on foot, by broom, or even by Hippogriff.

Alan Tew, the game’s director, promised “the opportunity to relive hundreds of iconic moments, both small and large, that fans did grow up with and know by heart: from being Sorted in the Main Hall, exploring a new secret chamber at Hogwarts, or trying to impersonate others with Polyjuice Potion; to defending innocents from a dangerous troll, dodging fireballs from a Hungarian Horntail, or rising into the sky on the back of

You’ll be able to select your Hogwarts house at the start of the game and then play as a fifth-year student completing classes such as Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Potions. Between classes, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Hogwarts, which – as you might expect – is filled with the school’s hallmark secrets, enchantments, and other mysteries and puzzles.

Additionally, the Room of Requirement will become a frequent hangout, serving as a sort of base from which you may catch up on your studies away from the classrooms. In fully configurable vivariums, you’ll be able to grow plants, manufacture potions, and even collect magical monsters.

“There are recognized landmarks such as the Great Hall, clocktower, and hospital wing, but there are also brand-new spaces such as the bustling kitchens,” explains environmental lead, Boston Madsen. “Having experienced what it’s like to be a student in these halls during the production of this game, I can honestly tell that there are still spots I discover that I was unaware of previously.”

Outside of Hogwarts, there are several mysteries to solve, which will also put your magical powers to the test. You’ll be assisting Professor Figg in investigating a possible goblin uprising.

Additionally, you’ll want to explore Hogsmeade to find supplies, clothing, and other goods at the shops and other vendors. The sections on the periphery are equally densely packed with puzzles and peril.

In a fight, you’ll use a combination of spells and potions to dispatch your adversaries. You’ll need to learn the Shield Spell, Stunning Charms for a counterattack, and others in order to chain together powerful spell combinations and even Finishers to truly annihilate your adversaries. There are thousands of spells to learn that will assist you in defining your own assault-style as well, so there is enough to accomplish before experimenting with potions that improve your power. If that’s your thing, you’ll even be able to call plants to aid you in battle.

As this is an RPG, there are further abilities, upgrades, and skills that define your character’s evolution. You can level up your talents by earning skill points through various activities, and then truly specialize in the type of witch or wizard you wish to be. Additionally, there is gear to be plundered, crafted, and purchased.

You won’t be undertaking any of this alone, as Hogwarts Legacy features a variety of student companions that you can encounter along the way.

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Hogwarts Legacy System Requirement

Predicted Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7 64-bit operating system
  • Intel Core i3-560 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805 processor
  • AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB hard disc drive
  • Graphics Card That Supports DirectX 11

Recommender system – Predicted

  • Windows 10 64-bit operating system
  • 3.4GHz Intel Core i5-4670K / AMD FX-8370
  • AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 (8GB) or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (6GB) graphics
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 60 GB hard disc drive
  • Graphics Card That Supports DirectX 11

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Hogwarts Legacy Story

According to the official synopsis: “Experience Hogwarts in the 1800s. Your character is a student who is in possession of the key to the ancient secret that threatens to destroy the wizarding world. Make allies, fight Dark wizards, and decide the wizarding world’s fate.”

Thus, it is Hogwarts but set long before anyone heard of Harry Potter. Additionally, while this is inspired by the stories we’ve all read for years, JK Rowling is not involved in the game and this is not a new story from her.

According to the most recent gameplay video, the playmaker will have a customizable appearance and you’ll be able to choose their gender. This protagonist will possess mysterious lost magic that no one else possesses, and they will enroll late as a fifth-year student at Hogwarts.

Throughout the game, your character will encounter Dark Wizards and will investigate rumors of a goblin rebellion. You’ll then have a lot on your plate, in addition to keeping up with school classes and catching up with more experienced classmates.

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Hogwarts Legacy trailer

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