Diablo Immortal Class Guide – Best Class to Main For Beginner

Diablo Immortal Class Guide - Best Class to Main For Beginner

Diablo Immortal has become one of the hottest topics in the video game industry and for a variety of good reasons but mainly because it’s a Diablo game that is specifically designed for mobile platforms. The game comes packed with a lot of familiar features from the original title while standing out as a new title in the world of Action RPG games!

While the game does exist between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and features the classes from the original series, a lot has changed to make the experience more tailor-fit for mobile devices and that also includes all the six classes in the game, which begs the questions, “Which class is best for a beginner?”, “What kind of Diablo Immortal account should I acquire?”.

And to answer that, we will have to take a deep dive into each of the 6 classes in the game and find out which works the best for beginners.


There is no doubt that Crusader is the most powerful tank class in the game that can easily take a lot of damage and still stand on its own feet and continue fighting. This class is by far the easiest and most effective to play as a beginner. Crusaders come packed with a ton of powerful AoE abilities that help them clear off large groups of enemies with ease and the best thing about this class is that you can easily get in and out of sticky situations using the evasive and defensive abilities that allow them to ride a horse out of danger.

While Crusaders might not be the most effective class when it comes to single-target damage, they are one of the best classes to Main if you play a lot of group-based content. They have some of the most powerful group buffs that not only allow them to protect their teammates but also boost their abilities by a significant number.

They are also one of the easiest classes to rock the PvP content with their stun and stall abilities. Crusaders can be super-fast, easy to get started with, offer some of the best group abilities, and are tanky enough to survive a great deal of damage.


Barbarian might not be the most useful class compared to other classes in the game but it sure is the easiest one to get started with. Just like Crusaders, Barbarians are a melee class who like to dive into the center of the battle and swing their massive axes to decimate their enemies with big powerful blows that are enough to scare a whole crowd away.

They also have some of the best AoE abilities that allow them to fight massive groups of enemies with ease. And the best part is they are also super quick on their feet, which might come as a surprise looking at their massive build. Barbarians are a pretty straightforward class that doesn’t require too much practice to start with.

This class works well in both solo and group plays because of their variety of skills and abilities combined with their swift movement. However, they are not the most reliable class because of their long cooldowns which leaves them vulnerable to attacks.


Necromancers are super fun to play with, they have some of the best skills in the game that allows them to stay away from danger while doing a significant amount of damage to their enemies with the help of their minions. Using their arcane magic spells, Necromancers can prove to be quite lethal.

And while they are quite squishy in nature, they have their minions tank the enemy attacks for them while they retreat and prepare for another epic attack. Necromancers are probably the best class for solo play and even in groups, they can be extremely useful with their magical and summoning abilities.

But that’s also what makes a Necromancer vulnerable because this class is highly resource-dependent and has a very slow movement compared to other classes in the game. While you can surely throw your demons to distract the enemies and try to get away, it might not work every time and when it doesn’t you are most probably done.

Demon Hunter

The next class on this list is currently ranked as one of the best classes in the game. Demon Hunter has the highest DPS in the game compared to all other classes and his ranged attacks help him stay out of trouble while wreaking havoc on the enemies at the same time.

This class also has great mobility that comes in handy when things start to spiral out of control and you need to make a quick escape. While it’s not the best class when it comes to single-target damage, it can perform extremely well in group-based content of the game if you just add an extra layer to the defense.

Demon Hunter is an absolute beast when it comes to solo play because of the sheer amount of damage that it can inflict on the enemies. It does require quite some practice to get your shots on target but once you do, you can be total mayhem in this game.


Let’s talk about the glass-canon class of this game, Wizard. It’s a super-powerful magical class that can decimate enemies with a few well-placed spells. It comes packed with some of the best areas of effect abilities in the game and it’s also pretty quick on its feet too. And just like Demon Hunter, Wizards also attack their enemies from a distance.

Keeping all that in mind, you might be thinking, “why not main a Wizard?”. Well, with all those pros, there are some significant cons to playing a Wizard as well. Firstly, Wizards are super squishy and wouldn’t be able to survive more than a few hits. This requires you to be on the move and away from danger as much as possible.

Wizards are also more of a skill-based class that requires you to have a precise aim and movement to make the most out of your abilities. So, if you are playing as a Wizard, expect to do a lot in the beginning. Definitely not a beginner-friendly class but super powerful, nonetheless.


There is more than one reason to place this class at the bottom of the list. Firstly Monks are fragile and being a melee class, it definitely becomes a weak point for them. And while they can make up for it with their super mobility and evasive abilities, they are still likely to take hits, which often prove to be quite lethal.

They are powerful but even after being a melee class, they can’t attack blindly and expect to bag some kill. Monks really have to be precise with their attacks as most of them are directional and require players to have a good aim. It’s a fun class to play that comes with some cool moves but for a beginner, it’s more of a liability than a strength.

That pretty much sums up every class in Diablo Immortal in detail and if you are looking for the easiest classes to start with that also play out amazingly through the late-game content, Crusader definitely is the best option for you. But if you are willing to put in some time learning the ropes of precise aiming and movement, nothing comes close to Demon Hunter!


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