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Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 Release Date, Dlc, And A Free Battle Pass Have Been Revealed.

Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic was officially announced by Ghost Ship Games, the game’s creators, back in December 2021. Finally, a few months later, a six-minute trailer promoting a free season pass has been made available.

According to the roadmap update that was released back in December, the second season of Deep Rock Galactic would be released between March and April of this year, and now we have Season 2: Rival Escalation, which will be available on April 28 for Steam players and May 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation users.

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In line with expectations, Season 2 continues on from Rival Incursion, as your mining operations are once again being disrupted by your competitors. As a result, Season 2 will see you going head-to-head with them even more as you both attempt to outdo one another. But the Rivals do not look to be giving up easily, and you will have to focus your attention on their new communications systems, robot hordes, and a horrifying new rival this season in order to defeat them.

A secondary weapon to aid you in fighting your opponents’ greater efforts will be made available to you as part of the update, which will have its own upgrade tree to help you improve your performance against them.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 Release Date
Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 Release Date

In addition, Season Event Bonuses have been increased by about 50%, and a new Season Challenge has been introduced for players to participate in. As if all of this wasn’t enough to get you excited, there will be a free seasonal battle pass available that will include a variety of unique cosmetics. The resources, paint jobs, and beards are all included, and who doesn’t want their Miner to have a fantastic beard, right?

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There is no race against the clock for those who have not yet completed Season 1. All cosmetics that have not yet been unlocked will be carried over to Season 2, where they can be found looting freight crates and other containers. As if having access to all major in-game content for free wasn’t enough of a treat, Phazyonite has been added as a currency in the in-game shop as well. Phazyonite can be found in the game’s mines, and if you save up enough money, you can also purchase a few items from the shop to supplement your loot.

There is also a paid DLC available if you have the means to pay for additional content. The Robot Rebellion Pack gives you the opportunity to show off your previous achievements while dressed in clothes inspired by last season’s opponents.

Wasn’t it mentioned before that, should you fail a mission, you’ll be sent back to base in a medical gown now? I didn’t realize I needed it until now, but now I do. What aspects of Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic are you most looking forward to seeing?

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