COC Th15 Release Date 2022 Confirmed For Oct 2022: Everything We Know So Far!

COC TH15 Release Date 2022
COC TH15 Release Date 2022

You probably already know that Clash of Clans will get its next big update in October. And since Hammer Jam is happening, you’ve probably figured out that it will have Town Hall 15.

Now it’s time to have fun. What people think. Every second of every video that Supercell puts out is broken down.

In this case, we have the Hammer Jam trailer, and fans with sharp eyes have already done the legwork. They may have even found a hint about when the October update will come out.

Elvascular from Reddit put together a few still images from the Hammer Jam trailer and thought about what some of them might mean. In one of the pictures, there was a calendar on the wall with a pin in one of the days. People think this is an indication of when Town Hall 15 will come out.

Now, you may have noticed that the calendar has more days than October. Some people think that this calendar isn’t just for October, but also for September 27, which is when Hammer Jam began and when the video came out.

This would put the arrival of Town Hall 15 on October 10, which is now the new target date. Again, this is not proof, but it is a very good piece of detective work.

Elvascular also told what they thought about a few other things, such as how the patches on the blanket might be the colours of Town Hall 15. The picture of the Wall Breaker and the Miner could be a hint at a new troop. Maybe the Bomb Miner from Clash Quest, which has been taken off the market. And finally, there’s a picture of a pink bird that many people think could be a new Hero Pet.

In Town Hall 14, Hero Pets were first seen. Once you build the Pet House, you can train them. There are currently four Hero Pets in Clash of Clans: L.A.S.S.I, a mechanical dog-like pet; Electro Owl, a superconductive bird of prey; Mighty Yak, a scary monster; and Unicorn, a dancing healing pony. Maybe Town Hall 15 will add a new kind of bird?

Remember that all of this is just a guess. We only know for sure that Clash of Clans will get an update in October, and almost certainly that update will include Town Hall 15. Supercell hasn’t started showing sneak peeks yet, but they should start coming soon, especially if the update is coming on October 10.

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