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Bonelab Release Date, Gameplay, More, And What Is Bonelab About?

bonelab release date

bonelab release date

Bonelab is a virtual reality game in development by Stress Level Zero, and it is a sequel to the company’s previous hit title, Boneworks. On April 20, 2022, the new title made its debut at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022, which was held in Las Vegas. A new trailer revealed details on the game’s release date, gameplay, and other aspects.

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Bonelab Release Date

Bonelab is an action-adventure physics-based virtual reality game set in the world of its prequel, Bone works, which is scheduled to be released later in 2022. More information and updates can be found by following the official Stress Level Zero Twitter account.

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Bonelab System Requirements

Check your computer’s system requirements for BONELAB against the minimum and recommended requirements.

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What kind of game is Bonelab, and how does it work?

Bonelab is a virtual reality game that combines elements of action, adventure, shooting, and other genres to create a fantastic experience. You take on the role of an outcast who has been put to death but must flee from his or her fate. Bonelab takes place in a secret underground facility, where you’ll face a series of challenges and puzzles as you explore the facility.

As you interact with the environment, you may find that the realistic physics system in Bonelab is beneficial. It is possible to create your own avatar even before you begin playing the game, and this is even possible during the import process, allowing you to look and play however you want.

Among the many features of Bonelab are arenas where you can use melee and ranged weapons, obstacle courses to race through, and sandbox environments where you can do whatever you want!

Bonelab will also include extensive modding capabilities as well as user-generated levels, ensuring that there will always be something to do in the game. The Bonelab trailer is now available on Meta Quest’s official YouTube channel, which you can access by clicking here.

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Bonelab Trailer

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