Blackjack Variations Explained: Best Versions To Play In Ontario As The Game Explodes In Popularity

Blackjack Variations Explained: Best Versions To Play In Ontario As The Game Explodes In Popularity

Blackjack variants were created to breathe new life into an enduring favorite and increase the game’s excitement and thrill. There are many online blackjack variants that people may play from the comfort of their homes, in addition to the fact that they have gained popularity at land-based casinos worldwide.

Here are the top blackjack variations that can currently be found in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. Blackjack variants require a fundamental knowledge of the game of blackjack to play. Still, they are relatively simple to master, and most players can start playing in only a few minutes.

European Blackjack

In European blackjack, the dealer’s hole card is not handed until the player has decided how to use the cards that have been dealt to them. As a whole, there are more limitations than in American/Classic Blackjack on numerous gaming elements.

Two decks of cards are commonly used while playing European blackjack. This indicates that the cards are more predictable than other blackjack variations that use six or more decks in a single game. The dealer stands on soft 17 in European blackjack, another element favoring players.

The fact that dealer blackjack vs player blackjack ends in a tie or push is another feature that distinguishes European blackjack from other variations. Players’ cards can only double down if they reveal a 9, 10, or 11. Last but not least, blackjacks pay 3:2.

American Blackjack

Sometimes known as Classic Blackjack, American Blackjack has become one of the top games to play at casinos, with punters all around the world continuing to enjoy this version of the game. In fact, it is believed to rival European Blackjack in regard to its popularity among players.

Nonetheless, there are some differences, too. For instance, the dealer will receive their hole card before a decision is made by the player. There are also differences in the way the game is played in regard to splitting and doubling down, too.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure blackjack is one of the few blackjack variants that improve the chances for the player making it a favorite among blackjack players. Some casinos do not always allow players to play blackjack variations, but the best online casino in Ontario offers all variations as they have recognized that this popular card game has continued to increase in popularity around Canada and punters are always looking for innovative and new experiences to enjoy when playing this game.

The rules of Double Exposure Blackjack are virtually identical to those of a standard multi-deck blackjack game, with one significant exception: both of the dealer’s cards are displayed, allowing players to see the dealer’s hand before acting. There aren’t many additional regulation modifications to balance the game in the casino’s favor because this offers the players a significant edge. The dealer hits on soft 17s, and insurance, surrender, and repeated splits are not permitted. Even then, the home has minimal benefits.

Blackjack Switch

The fact that players receive two hands to play separately distinguishes Blackjack Switch from other card game variations. The second cards given to each hand are put up for players to exchange or switch between their two hands.

A dealer hand of 22 does not count as a “bust” in Blackjack Switch, which is another crucial point to be aware of in addition to the “switch.” In contrast, unless a player possesses a “blackjack” that wasn’t made by a switch or split, it is classified as a “push”.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Although it may sound like an eviler variation of the traditional blackjack table game, most online casinos now offer this variation, which is growing in popularity. Some people may be more familiar with it as “Vegas Strip Blackjack”.

A four-mile section of South Las Vegas Boulevard just outside the city boundaries of Las Vegas is known as the “Vegas Strip,” which is home to an immense selection of casinos and hotels. Las Vegas is the epicenter of casino gambling; it is not surprising that Strip Blackjack is played according to its rules worldwide.


To conclude, blackjack is still a favorite among players and developers, with new variations always being created. Whether you want to add some extra excitement to your classic blackjack game or you’re looking for a virtual card game to play with friends and family, there’s a variant for you.


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