Best Strategies to Win Money at Blackjack

Playing online casinos is fun – losing money is not! If you want to make money in your bankroll stretch further, you might want to start playing online casinos – starting with the Best no deposit bonus codes.

However, if you want to make real money playing online casinos, you might follow the tips below and take your blackjack game to the next level.

Even at a beginner level, you can do a few things to become a better player and not give the online casino so much of your money. And if you have been playing Blackjack online Australia for a while, you might have a hard time changing your strategies.

But, we still recommend going through our tips and helping us make a big impact and save you a ton of money in the online casino.

Without further ado, let us get straight to the point.

Avoid Side Bets

Now, if you are seriously invested in making more money by playing online casino Blackjack, then you will want to avoid making side bets. Those side bets have a much larger edge over the player than the main blackjack bets.

While a perfect basic Blackjack strategy player – as a typical blackjack game is going to have a 0.5% disadvantage – those side bets are typically at a 3 to 25% disadvantage.

This aspect indicates that if you play side bets, you will lose your money up to fifty times faster than on the main Blackjack bets. Also, remember that insurance is actually part of the side bet. Insurance is a side bet with a 2.5% casino advantage.

And so, ensuring your hand when you don’t know the proper way to do it is a bad move to throw away your money at least five times faster than avoiding insurance.

Undoubtedly, hitting a big payout on a side bet can be thrilling and fun, but it is just like hitting the lottery where there are these rare times where the player gets a big payout – but overall, they are just lighting their money on fire, which is totally not worth it.

Always Stick to Basic Rules

The next tip that will help you win more at Blackjack is to always stick to the basic strategies. Don’t get tempted to try out new things because, in the case of an online blackjack casino, you will want to stick to the golden rules.

As mentioned before, you are at a 0.5% disadvantage if you stick to basic rules. But the disadvantage is kept at a minimum only if you really follow it.

That said, the average blackjack player in a casino plays with a two to three percent disadvantage, which is at least five times worse because they are not following basic strategy. The basic rules are the right mathematical decisions, and by following them all the time, you will start to earn a lot of money.

Keep a Backup of Six Bets

Another tip is to keep six bets for backup of any potential bet you place. For instance, if you want to bet $10, you should have another $60 with you before placing that $10 bet.

At this point, you might be confused and ask yourself why you have to do this.

Well, the answer is quite simple – you need to be prepared for any double downs or splits that the basic strategy will tell you to have. If you place all of your money on a bet, and then you are supposed to double it down, you are potentially giving up a huge advantage by not being able to play that hand properly.

Don’t Run After Money

Another tip you should follow as a casino player is not to chase money.

In other words – don’t go on tilt.

Casinos, in general, are based on luck and strategies. And then we have those days where the cards are just not coming out right. It happens even to the best players out there. Now, when this is happening to you, and you are getting clobbered, you might have the thought of simply making a few big bets and winning them all.

You should know that these kinds of thoughts are born out of frustration. And such thoughts can be quite tempting. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow through. Well, maybe you could win – there is ALWAYS that chance of winning – but realistically and statistically speaking – the chances of this happening are quite low.

You should always know when to stop and draw a line. Don’t make the mistake of convincing yourself that you might win if you go on tilt and start betting more.

The odds that you might lose more money and resultantly, you will regret this decision. Also, if you lose, then accept it rather than make the mistake of chasing those losses. The house is always on edge because of such people who chase their losses and lose more money in the process.

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