Black Friday Gaming PC 2022: Deals, Tips, And What To Expect

Black Friday PC Gaming sale
Black Friday PC Gaming sale

Black Friday Gaming PC 2022 Deals and Offers: Black Friday 2022 was originally a Christmas shopping day, but it seems like people want to start paying attention to it this month. Even though it’s just 23 degrees outdoors, people are already considering PC gaming discounts for the gloomy, dreary days of November. Hey, I’m not knocking it, and I’ll even create this resource for early Black Friday shoppers. Simply put, I don’t even consider what I want for dinner.

Fair enough, there are valid arguments in favour of being ready. One is that stores don’t always see Cyber Monday and Black Friday as separate events; if Black Friday 2022 is anything like last year, sales will start weeks before the real holiday. And even before that, some people may engage in e-commerce shenanigans, raising the costs of in-demand goods artificially so that they can apply what appear to be more generous discounts during peak trading hours. The filth.

Putting complaints aside, Black Friday is actually one of the best times to improve your PC’s hardware, repair a broken peripheral, or even forego the hardware entirely and just add more games to your collection.

Therefore, once they start to appear, we and our friends at Eurogamer will compile the greatest Black Friday offers. In the meanwhile, though, here is all the essential information on the event, including advice on how to get great prices and stay away from scams.

Black Friday PC Gaming Deals List 2022:

Black Friday 2022 Date: Black Friday PC Gaming Tips

The first Friday after Thanksgiving in the US in 2022 is Black Friday, which falls on November 25. Cyber Monday, Black Friday’s customary extension, is on November 25.

The vast majority of stores, however, will start their early Black Friday sales well in advance of November 25. Although there isn’t a customary start date for these early promotions, they can start weeks or even more than a month in advance. It’s possible that we could start seeing reductions as early as mid-October.

But the actual Black Friday will always be the busiest day of the shopping season. On the 25th, new promotions (from both megacorp and specialty merchants) will go live, and certain things that were already on sale may get even more affordable. In contrast to Black Friday’s protracted build-up, Cyber Monday normally offers an excellent opportunity to find equipment or games you may have missed. However, the deals typically disappear quite quickly after Cyber Monday is through.

What Deals To Anticipate For PC Gaming On Black Friday 2022

Honestly? essentially everything Games, SSDs, CPUs, motherboards, RAM, PC cases, and even graphics cards—which were generally excluded from Black Friday 2022 owing to stock shortages and general overpricing—may all experience some discounts. And it won’t simply be the junk that no one would otherwise want—previous Black Fridays have typically resulted in favorable discounts on premium accessories and parts. If you want to get a better sense of what to look out for, go through our numerous top hardware guides.

Once more, now is a great opportunity to complete any gaps in your PC setup or, if you’re considering constructing a PC from start, to find all the parts you’ll need for significantly less money. This includes Prime Day. Additionally, Black Friday is always a free-for-all, so you should be able to choose from a wider selection of merchants without having to sign up for any memberships, whereas the majority of the top Prime Day offers were exclusive to Amazon’s expensive Prime service.

There will probably be fewer PC game sales than hardware ones, but discounts on both independent and AAA titles are still to be had. Black Friday sales were held in 2021 on GOG, Green Man Gaming, GamesPlanet, and the Ubisoft Store.

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How To Find The Best Discounts On Black Friday In 2022

Let someone else locate them as a first step. Specifically, our group, will collaborate with the Eurogamer and Digital Foundry teams to develop specialized Black Friday offers guides. On Black Friday specifically, we’ll probably update them multiple times a day with only the greatest deals on parts and accessories that we are confident are genuinely good. Additionally, we’ll spotlight standout deals in separate blogs.

If you’d rather do your own research, feel free to do so. The majority of major companies who participate usually have a special Black Friday area on their websites, so you won’t have to sift through their entire selection to find the deals. However, you should take precautions to prevent being duped by the aforementioned bait-and-switch strategy, in which vendors covertly raise their prices before “lowering” them in preparation for a sales event.

For noticing unusual price changes, price tracking services like PriceSpy might be helpful. I also highly recommend the Keepa browser extension if you plan to shop on Amazon. This places a price tracking chart directly on each product’s listing page so you can quickly see whether you are genuinely saving money compared to earlier pricing.

Another issue is finding more in-demand equipment before it goes out of supply. Given that this only occasionally occurs in my experience, you may attempt adding desired items to your shopping cart before the early Black Friday offers to start in October if you want to be certain.

Although this won’t always work, if the kit you’ve selected does become dealified, the pricing should update instantly while it’s in your basket, allowing you to check out right away before they run out. The drawback to this, though, is that you’re simply browsing retailer by retailer when you’ll usually save more money on many purchases if you first compare costs from various merchants.

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