Olsen Twins Before And After Plastic Surgery Images


Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen (born June 13, 1986) are American fashion designers and former actresses. As newborns, the twins made their acting debut as Michelle Tanner on the television sitcom Full House. Mary-Kate and Ashley began collaborating on TV, film, and video projects when they were six years old, and this lasted until their adolescence. The Olsens entered the ranks of the wealthiest women in the entertainment world at an early age with their firm Dualstar.

Have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Undergone Plastic Surgery? Here’s What We Know So Far

Olsen Twins
Olsen Twins

Did they or did they not? The Olsen twins have been revered by TV audiences worldwide since their breakout roles on Full House — yet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have also been the focus of cosmetic surgery rumors since they were teenagers. Have they undergone surgery? Here’s what we know thus far.

Mary-Kate, 34, and Ashley, 34, have never spoken openly about having any operations done. Fans questioned whether Mary-Kate had undergone plastic surgery when images of her supposedly changed appearance appeared after an event in 2014. Other admirers, however, defended the designer at the time, pointing out that the girls are fraternal, not identical, twins, which might explain some of the discrepancies that could be mistaken for surgery.

The discrepancies in their looks, according to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Rian Maercks, who has not treated the twins, may be attributable to smoking rather than surgery. “I would argue that technically, given [Mary-Kate] is a known smoker, the bulk of the alterations we find might be attributable to accelerated ageing-related with nicotine products, cigarettes, or other environmental variables,” he previously told Life & Style.

Whether they had surgery or not, the former actresses have changed dramatically since their days as child stars. The California natives are now fashion moguls and the founders of high-end companies The Row and Elizabeth and James — and they’ve both reflected on their pasts since leaving Hollywood.

“When I look at previous images of myself, I don’t have any connection to them,” Mary-Kate told Marie Claire in 2010. “I would never wish my childhood on anyone… “[We were] tiny monkey entertainers.” Ashley’s perspective on their past was a little more optimistic. “I am extremely pleased with what we accomplished,” she declared the following year. “Every day, we made children happy.” But we had done everything we could.”

The twins quit performing at the age of 18 after a successful career in children’s films and television series. They went on to attend New York University together and eventually became fashion industry giants.

“They came to New York and intended to go to college,” Michael Pagnotta, their former publicist, previously told People. “They’d been hamster-wheeling entire lives, and when they arrived at NYU for their first year of college, they really encountered individuals who had a different perspective on the world.” They may have a different perception of their future. And it might not necessarily be in performing.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never commented publicly on the accusations of plastic surgery.

The Olsen twins haven’t said outright whether they underwent surgery or not. They are, nevertheless, unconcerned with what others think of them. The Olsen twins purposefully promoted their luxury fashion company, The Row, without their identities, at least at first. These two are determined to stay out of the spotlight and let their work speak for itself.

In public, Mary-Kate and Ashley are notorious for wearing baggy, shapeless attire and heavy sunglasses. We may never know if this is all to hide the affects of plastic surgery or if they simply choose to keep their private life secret.

And, in the end, it doesn’t matter if they have plastic surgery or not. Mary Kate and Ashley’s different features have recently made it much simpler to tell them apart, regardless of how those changes occurred.


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