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The world’s oldest woman, who has lived for 119 years, recently celebrated her birthday. Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman who recently celebrated her 119th birthday on Sunday, is the embodiment of admirable character.

Junko Tanaka, her great-granddaughter, wished her a happy birthday on her personal Twitter account, which she has since deleted.

Junko’s post included a greeting to her great-grandmother and the following statement: “This is an outstanding achievement. Kane Tanaka has reached the milestone of 119 years old.”

Meet 119 Years Kane Tanaka: Oldest Living Woman in the World

“I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors,” says the author.

Her great-grandmother, whom she had last visited in the month of December, was quickly followed by a collection of photographs of her loving and wonderful great-grandmother.

Tanaka, who was born in 1903, married a grain merchant when she was 19 years old and remained in the family business until she was 103 years old.

Meet 119 Years Kane Tanaka
Meet 119 Years Kane Tanaka

On Twitter, she also posted a series of photos showing the two ceremonial Coca-Cola plastic containers that had been presented to Tanaka on the occasion of her birthday anniversary, with the lids of the containers engraved with her name and age.

After receiving her first birthday present, Kane Tanaka was given an opportunity to reveal the gifts she received on Mrs. Kane’s birth anniversary. While she expresses her sincere gratitude to them for their kindness. Coca-marketing Cola’s department created a special birthday container.

According to Junko’s Twitter account, “it appears (Kane) is still consuming Coca-Cola as usual.”

Junko Tanaka, Kane Tanaka’s great-granddaughter, also spoke to a number of reputable media outlets during the month of March in the year 2021, as her great-grandmother prepared to wield the Olympic flame thrower in preparation for the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

It was in January 2020 that she started a Twitter account to commemorate Tanaka’s life and legacy.

The fact that she is my great-grandmother means that I may be biassed, but I believe it is somewhat fantastic, and I wanted to express this throughout the global economy in order for others to be encouraged and to perceive her excitement,” Junko explained.

Tanaka has been present at a number of historic events, including the two world wars and the 1918 influenza pandemic, among others. Her Olympic experience includes 49 summer and winter games, which she has represented the United States at.

On the other hand, Kane Tanaka’s grandson, Eiji Tanaka, stated in the media the year before that he does not recall their grandmother discussing much more about her earlier days because she is extremely future-oriented, and that he does not recall her discussing much more about her earlier days.

Eiji Tanaka went on to say that their great-grandmother deeply appreciates the fact that she is alive and well in the modern era.

Tanaka is a resident of a senior facility in the Fukuoka prefecture, where her family claims that she keeps her physical and mental health active by engaging in math and other activities that she finds interesting and enjoyable.

Kane Tanaka was named the world’s longest-living woman by the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2019. She has been living for more than 100 years.

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As Kane Tanaka is the world’s longest-living woman, Saturnino de la Fuente Garca, who was born in 1909 and worked as a shoemaker throughout the Spanish Civil War, holds the record for the world’s oldest man, who is 112 years old and from Spain. Saturnino de la Fuente Garca is the world’s oldest man.

In the month of September of the year 2021, he will be awarded the honor of being the world’s oldest person.

According to a public statement from the Guinness World Records, he claimed that the secret to living a long and healthy life is to live in peace and harmony with others.

Tanaka received warm birthday wishes from People on Twitter on the occasion of her birthday.

According to social media user @TuNatoron, “It’s amazing that she can stare directly at the image sensor and raise a hand gesture at the age of 119.”

“Congratulations!! Please continue to be healthy “Another Twitter account, Mee-san has been added.


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