Is Dylan Mulvaney’s “TikToker” Face Reveal After Face Surgery?

dylan mulvaney face reveal

Dylan Mulvaney is happy about this new turn in his life.

The Tiktok star told her fans how she is doing two weeks after her surgery to make her face more feminine. Dylan still has a long way to go in terms of healing, but she has already reached a new level of happiness.

“Healing is going amazing,” Dylan shared in a Jan. 3 Tiktok. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Dylan had a bandage around her face and a cast on her nose, as seen in the video. The 26-year-old hasn’t shown the public her full face after surgery yet, and she said that she will need more time to heal.

“Who knew that privacy could be so helpful during a change?” Dylan went on. “If that’s okay, I still need two to three weeks before I can get back to work.” “I can’t wait to tell you everything that’s been going on.”

Dylan continued her video by talking about how different paths should be respected while she thought about her own change.

“A friendly reminder as we start the new year: not all trans people want affirming surgeries or hormones,” she said. “Still, they are trans.” But when we do, it’s a win and a necessity.”

Dylan has kept fans informed before and after her facial feminization process, from going to a pre-op doctor’s appointment to getting dropped off at the surgery center. She posted a photo of herself in her hospital bed following surgery.

Dylan accompanied the photograph with a letter about her current appearance.

Dylan wrote on Instagram on December 21: “Take as much time as you need.” “To get the outside to match the inside… That’s a miracle, isn’t it? Some people might not get it, and that’s fine. “Here’s one for you!”

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