Has Dream Done A Face Reveal? Everything You Need To Know!

dream face reveal

Dream is a very popular YouTuber who is known for making Minecraft videos. On Sunday night, he took what could have been one of the biggest and most important steps of his career.

No, he didn’t work with a brand or a famous person to make content. Rather, he did something that sounds simple: he showed his real face to his millions of followers. They had never seen it before, which was strange.

Who Is Dream?

Dream, whose real name is Clay (last name unknown), is an American YouTuber who is 23 years old and known for making videos about the survival game Minecraft. He was one of the people who started DreamsMP, a group of Minecraft content creators.

The group does role-play scenarios with overarching stories, which makes their videos feel more serialised and dramatic. Dream started his own YouTube channel in 2014, but it really took off when he posted a video about trying to find Pewdiepie’s Minecraft seed about three years ago.

Today, “manhunt” videos, in which he tries to beat the game as quickly as possible while someone else tries to find him and kill his character, are his most popular type of content.

Why Did Dream Reveal His Face?

Dream has become a YouTube star very quickly. In less than two years, his main account went from having 1 million subscribers to having over 30 million subscribers.

Dream says that he showed his face because he wanted to get out into the world and meet up with friends, like the streamer Georgenotfound. Now that his fans know who he is, he can meet up with them as a creator and do more work outside of his desk.

Dream also said in his interview with Padilla that showing his face would let him do new types of content, like work with the popular YouTuber Mr. Beast or make TikToks.

Why Did Dream Want To Hide His Face?

Dream told YouTuber Anthony Padilla in an interview that he didn’t start out wanting to be an anonymous YouTuber. He had started by making a simple avatar based on a picture his ex-girlfriend had made for Discord that went with it.

But once he started making videos, his account grew quickly. “It all happened so fast, and it became part of the fan art and the community.” He said, “It wasn’t a planned move; it just happened so fast.”

In his interview with Padilla, Dream talked about the choice as if it had been a happy accident, but in his “unmasking” video, he had other things to say about it. He talked about the mask as a way for people to see themselves in him, even though he is now known as a celebrity.

Everyone could see a part of themselves in him because of the mask. It was almost like a vessel.

“This Channel Shows That Anyone Can Do Anything.” He said, “Anyone can be behind the mask, and I don’t want my face to give that away.” “Because it’s true, and it could be.” And if you want to, you can do it. Anyone from anywhere could have been Dream.

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