Will Soldier Boy Be In Season 4

Will Soldier Boy Be In Season 4

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Season 3 of The Boys spoilers ahead.

The Boys’ season 3 has finally come to an end, and it did so with a bang and a lot of whimpers. Homelander (Antony Starr) appeared to have won as The Boys rallied on their new buddy Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles).

Ackles has attracted a lot of attention as the major guest star this season, but after seeing the finale, viewers may be asking if this is the last time we’ll see his role.

So, will Soldier Boy and Jensen Ackles be back for the upcoming season? Below, we analyze the options. If you haven’t had a chance to see the finale yet, don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Will Soldier Boy Be In Season 4?

In the last episode, Soldier Boy kills his “son” Homelander because he doesn’t like how weak he is, putting Butcher’s (Karl Urban) plan into action. But when he also targets Homelander’s son Ryan, things start to go wrong, and Butcher, Annie/Starlight (Erin Moriarty), and the other Boys end up killing him.

It appears Soldier Boy is back behind bars at the end of the episode after a nuclear attempt resulted in Maeve (Dominique McElligott) tackling him out of a building. Grace Mallory (Laila Robbins) can be seen grimacing when he is returned to a stasis room after being given the nerve toxin Novichok.

Therefore, it really might go anyway. For the remainder of the show, Soldier Boy might be kept behind bars, or he might be set free in the very next episode. While this does allow the show’s writers the option to keep him out of the action, they may also bring him back at any time because he is not actually dead, but imprisoned.

Remember that few expected Stormfront, the season 2 guest villain, and star, to return after being burned to a crisp by Ryan; nevertheless, at the beginning of season 3, Aya Cash did make a brief appearance for a few scenes to wrap up her plot.

In other words, assuming Soldier Boy is still alive, Ackles might come back, even if it’s unlikely he’d take on a role as significant anytime soon. Observe this space.

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Good news: “A character who is absolutely silent and wearing a black mask can be recast,” adds Kripke. According to Kripke, Mitchell will portray “a different guy who wears the Black Noir outfit” in season 4, which will begin filming this August. It’s surely not the last time we’ll see Black Noir in a heroic role.

2. Is Noir still alive?

Dark Noir is no more. The general populace is unaware that Black Noir is deceased. So Homelander, the Deep, and A-Train are the only Seven members moving into Season 4?

3. What are Black Noir’s powers?

Healing Factor for Regeneration Superhuman power of strength, speed, endurance, stamina, scent, and hearing Poison and Toxin Immunity is a cartoon series. Healing Factor for Regeneration Invulnerability Flight X-Ray vision Heat vision