Will Rege Jean Be Returning In Bridgerton Season 3? Complete Info!

will rege jean be in Bridgerton season 3

There are some things in life that can’t be changed. Shonda Rhimes can’t miss when the water is wet and the sun is shining. Her shows are as popular as the people who star in them almost immediately. Because of this, Bridgerton fans are desperate to see Regé-Jean Page return for season 3.

It’s not difficult to see why Rhimes’ first Netflix series quickly became popular. They tend to be very dry and white in historical dramas Rather than focusing on race and sexuality, Bridgerton focused on racial and sexual diversity for the benefit of fans. No holds barred, and no holds barred were the fans’ responses when the show went all-in.

Losing a beloved character in a series is always difficult. Their absence is sorely felt, even as new seasons promise even more twists and turns. Will Regé-Jean Page return to Bridgerton in season three?

Color in the past.

Bridgerton, the new Shondaland series, will premiere in December of 2020. It was the first Netflix original series produced by the company. A large number of characters of color in the cast also made it highly anticipated even before its premiere. At the time, a historical drama with such a diverse cast was almost unheard of.

Several cast members, including Regé-Jean Page, were already in discussions for season 3 before Bridgerton was announced as a possible return. The actor was not only ridiculously attractive, but he also had a fondness for historical dramas. What an amazing job he did with a good script in the 2016 Roots remake.

A traditionally white genre was turned on its head by Rhimes. The stories they were able to tell as a result of the cast’s diversity were broadened. In spite of this, the show’s unapologetically Regency-era treatment of sexual content was a major draw.

The popular series has never shied away from explicit scenes, whether on the stairwell or in the open air. Simon Basset, played by Regé-Jean Page, wasn’t the best lover on the show, but he was good enough for the show’s fans to want him back for season 3.

As a result, the series has drawn a large following of viewers. The series loosened up aristocrats in morals, clothing, and even their tongues. With less political intrigue and more sleazy relationships between characters, Downton Abbey is like Downton Abbey but without the politics.

For Bridgerton fans, Regé-Jean Page’s return in season 3 is a logical choice. In addition to his acting skills and toned abs, he’s also not afraid to get naked for the camera. Even if he never returns, his departure from the show left an indelible mark on the cast and the fans alike.

Bridgerton’s raunchy antics and high-stakes drama delighted viewers. However, the death of their beloved Duke of Hastings has left them reeling. Assumptions were made that he’d remain a series regular right up to the end.

Before season 3 could even get started, Regé-Jean Page had already left Bridgerton. On the show’s official Instagram account, he announced that he would be leaving the show in April 2021. It was no surprise that fans were heartbroken to see him leave. Two seasons after his last appearance, they are still holding out hope that he will return.

Simon Basset’s return is becoming increasingly unlikely as time passes. There will be more longing, lusting, and loving to come on the show in the future, as well. March 25th marks the return of Bridgerton for season two, and with it, all of the drama.

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