Why Ashley Might Become The Boys’ Biggest Ally In Season 4

Why Ashley Might Become The Boys' Biggest Ally In Season 4

Why Ashley Barrett might end up being the Boys’ most helpful ally in season four. Since The Boys began, Ashley has undergone a significant shift. Ashley has ascended the corporate ladder from Director of Talent Relations to CEO of Vought, but the more authority and control she believes she has, the scarier things get.

In the third season of The Boys, Ashley has been making an effort to preserve the illusion that everything at Vought is under control. She has also tried to avoid upsetting Homelander in case he loses his cool and kills her. Ashley exemplifies what it means to follow orders, maintaining the Vought brand even when everything around her—including her hair—is disintegrating.

The season 3 ending of The Boys, however, might have altered Ashley’s season 4 course. In order to continue the lie that Maeve died valiantly, Ashley destroyed the video showing that she survived her fall with Soldier Boy. Considering everything Ashley did in Season 3 of The Boys to assist in keeping Maeve a secret from the public, this was both an impulsive and planned action.

Ashley Might

Ashley is fully aware of the risks that would follow Homelander learning Maeve was still alive. Ashley’s first overt act of defiance was to defend Maeve from Homelander. It’s feasible that Ashley will change her allegiances in The Boys season 4 and join them in their endeavor to overthrow Homelander in light of this.

As CEO, she is the most educated about what is happening, and the Boys would be unwise to ignore her position of power. She may give them information on Homelander and Vought. It’s possible that Ashley will be the next person they persuade to support their cause because in the past they have been successful in doing so.

She is aware of Homelander’s ability, and there is a limit to how much a person can endure before losing control. Ashley seems to be on the approach of accomplishing something much more significant than following a Supe’s orders and living in terror.

Ashley’s decision to immediately delete the Maeve video provided a peek of what she is capable of when she goes against the values she has been raised to defend. Ashley is also a skilled player, so she could find a way to blackmail the Boys.

Why Ashley Is Important to The Boys in Season 4

Although The Boys may not yet realize it, they require Ashley’s support in season 4. They’ve always required someone inside Vought who can keep an eye and ear open. If not, they wouldn’t be aware of half the things they do learn.

Starlight served as The Boys’ inside source throughout the first three seasons. She did, however, resign from the Seven in season three and formally joined the Boys on the outside. The Boys’ greatest chance now is to get information on Homelander and Vought’s upcoming move from Ashley. Victoria Neuman is a supporter of Homelander, thus it makes sense that Ashley would side with the Boys.

Although she is still unaware of it, Ashley may have already begun the process of becoming a Vought insider for the Boys when she removed the Maeve video from the season 3 finale of The Boys. Ashley has always had strong loyalty to Vought, but her motivation has primarily been fear.

While she appreciates the benefits of her profession, it would not be good for her or her career if she continued to let Homelander act erratically. In The Boys season 4, siding with the titular characters to actively aid in stopping Homelander could give Ashley more power and is the obvious next step in her narrative.

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