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Who Is Logan On Claim To Fame
Who Is Logan On Claim To Fame

Kevin Jonas and his younger brother Frankie are the hosts of the new ABC reality game program Claim to Fame. The new show centres on family members of anonymous famous people who are competing in tasks for a chance to win $100,000. Most significant: The contestants are making an effort to conceal their family connections.

Logan Crosby, who made his television debut on Monday night (July 11), may have already caught your attention if you use TikTok. He may have even visited your For You Page at some point.

Following the launch on Monday night, Crosby’s identity is still protected with 88K TikTok followers, and his current exposure in front of millions on Claim to Fame (in the first episode, it was Maxwell Norris, grandson of Chuck Norris, who was sent home).

We’ll be conducting our own research to try and identify the relatives of this singer, whose real name is Bradley Logan Crosby. During our investigation, we discovered that he is from Georgia and that even his Facebook bio is blank. Being from Georgia doesn’t really narrow it down if his relative is a Georgia-born country artist. Nevertheless, the Twitterverse provided the following popular hypotheses:

Please hold on. If so, what name is his son? To us, that is news. In the comments on this picture, there are some other really tantalizing hypotheses.

Ashlyn, a Twitter user, believes she understands most of the show, while Ki is certain she knows at least one competitor.

ABC runs Claim to Fame at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


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