Who Is Lark From Reality Game Show “Claim to Fame” Related To?

Who Is Lark Related To On Claim To Fame
Who Is Lark Related To On Claim To Fame

On July 11, 2022, the first season of Claim to Fame, the newest reality competition series on ABC, premiered. Claim to Fame, which is hosted by the Jonas Brothers, Kevin, and Frankie, began with 12 participants who are all linked to famous people in some way. Each episode sees the elimination of one contestant, whose identity is then made public. The final contestant standing wins the $100,000 grand prize.

So, on Claim to Fame, who was eliminated so far?

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Who Is Lark?


Lark revealed to the cast right away that her famed relative is her aunt. Brittany obtains a hint regarding Lark’s identity when she wins the first competition, despite the fact that we know little about Lark. The clue showed that Lark’s ancestor was a runway model in the 1980s.

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Who was eliminated from “Claim to Fame”?

Maxwell and Michael are the Claims to Fame participants who have left the house thus far.

“Pepper” received the first guesser vote from the other competitors in Episode 1. This required her to choose one competitor and accurately identify their relative. If she was right, the contestant whose identity she disclosed would be eliminated; if she was wrong, Pepper would be sent home.

She ultimately decided to name Maxwell since she was sure he was Steven Spielberg’s grandchild.

At this point, a massive curveball was thrown at the cast as well as the home audience. After being temporarily escorted off-camera, hosts Joe and Frankie Jonas were informed that Maxwell had used a smartphone to cheat throughout the competition. He was disqualified and sent home because it was prohibited under the regulations.

In Episode 1, Pepper would have been the one sent home if Maxwell hadn’t been discovered lying. That’s because her assumption was completely off; Max is actually Max Norris, Chuck Norris’ grandson.

Pepper received a second consecutive vote for best guesser in episode two. Zendaya was revealed to be Michael’s famous relative by Pepper, and she was right, making Michael the second person to leave. In reality, Zendaya’s cousin is Michael.

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1. Who is Brittany related to on Claim to Fame?

You guessed right. On “Claim to Fame,” there is a Brittany who has a connection to Favre. During Monday night’s program, the oldest daughter of former Green Bay Packers star Brett Favre made her name known to the audience.

2. How does Claim to Fame show work?

Each of the 12 participants in “Claim to Fame” is linked to a famous person, and the group is housed in a Hollywood home. They provide hints about their celebrity family relation, some of which are true and some of which are not. The prize money goes to whoever can conceal the identity of their relative the longest.

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