Who Is Jesse Anderson? Who Was Murdered With Jeffrey Dahmer?

who is jesse anderson who was killed along with jeffrey dahmer
who is jesse anderson who was killed along with jeffrey dahmer

American killer Jesse Michael Anderson lived from May 3, 1957, through November 30, 1994. At the Columbia Correctional Institution in 1994, fellow prisoner and convicted murderer Christopher Scarver killed Anderson alongside the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

 Who Was Killed Along With Jeffrey Dahmer

Through one of its true crime dramas, “Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” Netflix recently made the bloodthirsty psycho killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, a global talking point. We learn more about the brutal murder of the notorious killer and the “killer of the killer,” Christopher Scarver, with every new episode. However, there is one more name that has prompted us to dig deeper into the 10-episode drama: Jesse Anderson, the victim of Christopher Scarver and Jeffrey Dahmer’s brutal murder

Dahmer, who is thought to engage in cannibalism and necrophilia, became notorious for the post-mortem procedures he performed on the bodies of his victims. The Milwaukee Police Department finally managed to apprehend the Milwaukee Monster in 1992, and after successfully arguing his case in court, the judge sentenced him to 16 years in prison. However, Dahmer’s stay in jail was only brief. Within two years, a fellow prisoner at the Columbia Correctional Institute murdered Dahmer.

As it attempted to present the narrative from the perspective of Dahmer’s victim, the show did manage to differentiate itself from the formulaic murder movies, but it still encountered criticism.

Let’s go back to Jesse Anderson, who was also murdered by Christopher Scarver shortly after he killed Jeffrey Dahmer.

What Happen To Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson, Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Monster,” and fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver were abandoned at the Columbia Correctional Institute on November 28, 1994.
While the group was cleaning the prison bathroom, Christopher Scarver reportedly went to the weight room to get a heavy metal bar and viciously struck Dahmer twice on the head.

Jesse Anderson, who was cleaning in a different room, was not spared as Christopher Scarver beat him with the same implement.

The cell guard noticed Christopher Scarver as soon as he entered the facility and inquired as to his earlier return. “By six,” he retorted, “you’ll know.” Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer have passed away.

While Jesse Anderson was in a coma for two days before passing away after doctors decided to turn off his life support, Dahmer passed away in a hospital bed the same day.

The reason Christopher Scarver killed Jesse Anderson along with Jeffrey Dahmer was made clear in an interview that the New York Post later uploaded.

Christopher Scarver gave many justifications, one of which was that Jesse Anderson allegedly vandalized a painting of Martin Luther King while he was incarcerated.

It was difficult for another prisoner, who took the time to paint the piece and hang it up on the wall to dry, according to Scriver. Jesse Anderson “even painted a blood dot on Martin Luther King’s forehead as if he were implying on a bullet injury,” the man claimed.

Christopher Scarver also mentioned Jesse Anderson’s justification for raising his hand with the intent to kill Jesse Anderson, which was that he had blamed the death of his wife on two defenseless black men.

Jesse Anderson was assaulted inside the Columbia Correctional Institute by Christopher Scarver

Anderson, like Dahmer, was incarcerated at the Columbia Correctional Institute in Portage, Wisconsin. Dahmer, Anderson, and Christopher Scarver were on bathroom cleaning duty in the prison’s gymnasium on November 28, 1992, with no supervisor present.

Scarver took advantage of the situation and used a 20-inch iron bar to kill both Anderson and Dahmer before returning to his cell. Anderson died two days later after being placed on life support, while Dahmer died on the way to the hospital.


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