Who Is Jenna On Good Trouble Season 4 and Is Jenna Leaving Good Trouble?


The second episode of Season 4, Episode 2 of Good Trouble was the final episode in which lead actress Maia Mitchell appeared — at least for the time being.

The 28-year-old Australian-born actress received a heartfelt sendoff from the show’s creators and crew, with several familiar faces making an appearance just in time to say goodbye to Maia’s on-screen character, Callie. They were joined by their mothers, Lena (Sherri Saum) and Stef (Teri Polo), as well as their brother Jude (Hayden Byerly), for a visit to their home in the city. Jennifer, another character from the show, was also mentioned in the episode. But who exactly is she?

Who Is Jenna On Good Trouble Season 4?

Many Good Trouble fans were moved to tears by Maia Mitchell’s departure. The actress has been the main character on the show and on the television series The Fosters for nearly a decade — but her departure is far from the only surprise in store for viewers in this episode.

In Season 4, Joaquin (Bryan Craig) moves into the Coterie, which is Callie and Mariana’s home, and he immediately starts causing trouble. Fans have been scratching their heads ever since Joaquin made a passing reference to a woman named Jenna in an episode of The Walking Dead.


“As a result, Joaquin is on the lookout for his sister Jenna. That’s why he came to the Coterie in the first place. He’s also looking into everyone else, as well “@aclarkcountry sent out a tweet.

“My irritation with this new Joaquin character is going to be palpable. I’m certain of it. His mother appears to be suffering from mental illness. Also, had he been on the lookout for Jenna for the past eight years? Some kind of journalist, “@ChatterboxKeirn sent out a tweet.

“My impressions of Jenna are as follows: she reminds me of Kelly. So far, they haven’t delved into her backstory at all. Jenna, according to her mother, had left and turned away from religion. Who knows, but let’s just hope I’m right about everything at the end of the season! “@NinjaTurtleJess shared her thoughts on Twitter.

The character of Jenna has yet to be seen in person on Good Trouble (at least not to our knowledge), but fan theories abound attempting to explain her and Joaquin’s origin story.

Is Jenna Leaving Good Trouble?

The storey has simply shifted in the direction of Jenna’s character, and it does not appear that she is leaving Good Trouble at this time.

Jennifer is not one of the people who will be leaving the present, as revealed by TV Insider, who also reveals two other people who will be leaving the present.

This character continues to be a vital part of the series, and we anticipate seeing her again in the upcoming season of Good Trouble.

A number of mysteries surrounding the character have yet to be revealed on the screen, making it imperative that the character of Jenna be fully developed before she departs.

Good Trouble Season 4 Plotline

Season 4 of Good Trouble premiered on March 9 and is expected to consist of approximately 20 episodes.

Two episodes of the series have already aired, and we’ve already witnessed the departure of two characters from the current timeline.

The Foster family will serve as the focal point of this season’s story, as the new drama unfolds between the main cast members.

The third episode of Good Trouble season 4 is set to air on March 23rd, and we are currently awaiting additional information regarding the overall setup.

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