Who Dies In The Boys Season 3: Know More What Happened In the season 3 Finale?

who dies in the boys season 3
who dies in the boys season 3

Season 3 of the television show’s last episode delivered as promised with plenty of shocks and a much-expected showdown. Alliances don’t exist forever in a world where power is the only thing that matters. In addition, “The Instant White-Hot Wild” emphasized the value of family and the idea that people are defined by their decisions, not by their abilities.

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Who Died in The Boys Season 3 Finale?

Is Black Noir really dead?

In the Vought Tower, Homelander killed Black Noir in the season 3 finale of The Boys. In the earlier episodes, it was shown that Black Noir was the member of Payback who planned Soldier Boy’s betrayal.

After The Boys woke up the World War II veteran in the present, Black Noir and Soldier Boy haven’t seen each other again, which made fans sad. Instead, Black Noir ran into Homelander, who confronted his fellow member of The Seven about Black Noir’s past. Black Noir told Homelander that he knew the facts about Homelander’s actual dad, Soldier Boy. When Homelander heard this, he punched his longtime colleague in the stomach. After taking out part of Black Noir’s intestines, Homelander left him to die on the floor.

Soldier Boy: Is He Dead?

In the third season of The Boys, Soldier Boy did not pass away. After Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Homelander convened at the Vought Tower, events took an unexpected turn. Even The Boys’ captain didn’t anticipate Soldier Boy to be that much more unreliably unstable, despite Butcher’s hopes that he could utilize Soldier Boy to finally defeat Homelander.

Homelander dreamed of working with his biological father to establish a superpowered family empire. But Soldier Boy was completely disappointed with his son.

All The Boys, Maeve, Starlight, and a few Vought guards got involved in the massive brawl that resulted from the situation’s progression. Maeve made the ultimate sacrifice by spearing Soldier Boy through the windows of Vought Tower in order to deflect her enemy’s nuclear detonation, which finally resulted in Soldier Boy’s defeat.

Fortunately, Maeve made it through the airborne leap, and Vought again put Soldier Boy to sleep using the Russian nerve chemical Novichok.

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How did Starlight get hurt? Now, can she fly?

During the big battle at the end of season 3, Soldier Boy sets his sights on Annie, which makes Hughie nervous as he watches from the surveillance room at Vought International. He thinks about drinking some V and saving her, but he decides not to. He must be remembering their fight about how he always wants to save her.

In its place, he makes the entire room in which Annie/Starlight, Soldier Boy, and the others are present brighter. This allows Starlight to absorb all of its energy. She rises up because of the boost, which means she can now fly as long as there is electricity around that she can use. Rad.

At the end of episode 8, Annie throws away her Starlight costume, saying that it “never gave her any power” to begin with. She adds, “And Vought sure as hell didn’t.” “I’ve always been the only one.”

Mother’s Milk tells her that she can join the Boy’s team. Annie says, “Butcher won’t like it,” but Frenchie, Kimiko, and Hughie vote her in and say that from now on, the group will be a democracy. Billy, don’t say that!

What’s going on in Ryan’s life?

Poor Ryan! The son of Homelander has had a hard time with it. Not only did he kill his mother by accident, but Butcher also rejected him in an attempt to keep him safe which was cruel and wrong.

So, is it any wonder that he gravitates toward Homelander when he calls with a bit of affection? He is now working with his real dad, and the audience meets him later in the finale. Butcher is probably the only one who can save Ryan now. It’s not clear yet what the leader of the Seven has planned for him.

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Will there be a Boys season 4?

Yes, The Boys Season 4 has already been given the go-ahead by Prime Video. The news was posted on Twitter by the showrunner, Eric Kripke, on June 10, right after the fourth episode of Season 3 came out. In the post, he said that Butcher, the Boys, and the Seven still had to find Homelander and the Seven.

Still, the producers haven’t given an official release yet. Butcher’s never-ending quest for revenge against Homelander is likely to be a big part of Season 4.

Also, because of his belief in Temp V, the leader of The Boys is having some serious health problems. Unless there are big changes, it’s likely that Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Erin Moriarty, Antony Starr, and the rest of the cast will play the same roles they did last season.

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