Where To Watch The Vanderpump Rules Reunion In Hoboken And Jersey City?

Vanderpump Rules Reunion
Vanderpump Rules Reunion

The Hoboken Girl went on Instagram last week to answer a very important study question. We asked which, if any, nearby bars would be showing the season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules. At first, there was nothing but crickets, like when Tom Sandoval says anything. As always, some of Hoboken and Jersey City’s most popular spots stepped up and held VPR end watch parties, with some even serving drinks with a theme.

Now, on the day before the three-part Vanderpump Rules Reunion, more neighborhood gems are getting in on the fun and treating the TV special like a historic event. If you call yourself a “reality junkie,” we’ve put together a list of places in Hoboken and Jersey City where you can watch the VPR reunion on Wednesday, May 24. Read on to find out where you can watch the Vanderpump Rules Reunion in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Hoboken City

Belo Bar | 104 Hudson Street

Belo Bar 104 Hudson Street

This Hoboken cocktail bar will stream the Vanderpump Rules reunion on TV and ask locals to join in the fun. The episode will air at 9 PM, and the party will start at 8 PM. Since Belo Bar is a smaller area, you should get there earlier at 104 Hudson Street to get a spot.

Green Rock | 70 Hudson Street

One RHONJ family member likes to hang out at Green Rock (see here), but on May 24, this Hoboken bar will switch from Jersey drama to West Coast drama with a Vanderpump Rules watch party. Both food and drinks will be on sale at Green Rock.

Schmitty’s | 359 1st Street

Schmitty’s opens its doors to Bravoholics (and Bravoholics by proxy) at 8 PM on Wednesday.

Jersey City

Jersey Social | 837 Jersey Avenue

Jersey Social  837 Jersey Avenue

Before the show starts at 8 p.m., “poo-poo heads” can brush up on their VPR knowledge with an hour of trivia on Jersey Social.

Healy’s Tavern | 374 Newark Avenue

Healy’s is serving “Pumptinis,” and they’re ready with tissues because, well, Scandoval. Healy’s VPR return party, which starts at 8 PM, will have sound.

The Iron Monkey | 99 Greene Street

The Vanderpump Rules reunion will take up the whole second floor of Iron Monkey, which is great because Bravoholics should have their own place. Iron Monkey also plans to stream the show on the first and third floors, so people who don’t want to watch the whole thing can still watch.

Let us know if a nearby bar holds a similar Vanderpump Rules event. This is our Super Bowl, and we’re going to party like it.

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