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New Fortnite Season Release Date Out, Trailer, Leaks ( March 2022 Updated)

What can we anticipate from Season 2 as the new Chapter prepares for its first significant overhaul? As is customary, a great deal. Here’s everything we know so far about Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, including when it will begin, what the theme could be, and where the plot will go next.

Start date for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

The new season of Fortnite is expected to begin around March 20. We may presume this because the current battle pass is slated to expire on March 19th, according to the game’s battle pass interface. This would put the next season’s start date on a Sunday, which is consistent with previous seasons. Epic appears to like concluding a season on a Saturday and starting a new season the next day.

However, there may be a long period of inactivity between seasons. Fortnite may be unavailable for a day or longer while a significant new season update is deployed. If that’s the case this season, Fortnite will most likely be back up later that week, so it should be back to normal within a few days of March 19, at the very least.

Season 1 end event for Fortnite

Many players look forward to a season finale event at the end of each season. While not every season of Fortnite features an event, the majority of them do. In Fortnite, almost everything leaks. However, data miners have discovered no evidence of a season finale event within the game’s files as of yet. This might indicate one of two things:

There will be no finale celebration, and the transition between seasons will be nothing more than normal downtime.

There will be a live event, and allusions to it will appear in a future game update.

Dataminers believe that the current season has received its final update, which is why they believe there will be no finale event, but it’s not too late for the game to receive another patch—patches are often released on Tuesdays—that may provide information for a finale event. We’ll update this post if new information indicates that an event is on the way.

Is a Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Live Event Happening?

The most recent update for Chapter 3 Season 1 was Fortnite version 19.40. According to different leakers, the update did not include any event files, implying that an end-of-season event for Chapter 3 Season 1 is unlikely.

However, there is a chance that Season 2 may begin with a live event. In Chapter 2, one of the seasons that concluded without an event was followed by a live event at the beginning of the next season.

Recap of Fortnite Chapter Season 1

This season has been centered on The Seven and the Imagined Order, notably The Paradigm, the expelled member of The Seven who may hold the secret to defeating the IO before it reclaims authority over the island. That is, at least, The Scientist’s perspective, who has spent the whole season attempting to persuade the rest of the cloaked group to let The Paradigm rejoin the group.

At the end of Chapter 2, The Foundation and Jonesy successfully flipped the island to destroy the Cube Queen, sending Doctor Slone and the IO packing—but only for a short time. Slone and the IO have been burrowing deep into the surface of Artemis in an attempt to re-emerge and maybe assault The Seven.


Drills have emerged all across the island, and the IO has slowly but steadily recovered a foothold, although a disputed one. Rumors from Season 2’s Seven-IO battle suggest that the following season will be primarily about these two groups fighting for control of the island. The IO wants to dominate The Loop, while The Seven wants to destroy it. Players are likely to be caught in the thick of this conflict and may even be forced to take sides.

As seen in the tweet below, leakers have discovered data indicating how the plot will impact gameplay in Season 2, with items such as tanks, a zeppelin, and vehicle modification alluding to an all-out battle on Artemis. You can bet we’ll have extensive coverage of these new features and more when the season launches later this month.

Such lingering plot strands do appear to imply that a live event is on the horizon since The Paradigm’s dramatic comeback seems precisely like the type of thing we’d witness during an event. On the other hand, we’ve been waiting years for some legend payoffs, so we might not see her for a long time.

As is customary with Fortnite, the road ahead is littered with both entertaining speculations and a plethora of leaks, all of which combine to provide us with an imperfect picture of where Fortnite will go next. We’ll be there to cover it wherever it goes, so stay tuned as we get closer to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2.

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