What Happened to Marlo Thomas: The Actress Who Broke Stereotypes and Became a Legend

What Happened to Marlo Thomas
What Happened to Marlo Thomas

Marlo Thomas is an American actress, producer, novelist, and activist best known for her revolutionary sitcom That Girl in the 1960s.

She is also well-known for her award-winning work in television, film, theater, and music, as well as her charitable contributions to children’s health and women’s rights. This article will look at what happened to Marlo Thomas, how she became successful, and what she is doing now.

Early Life and Education

Marlo Thomas was born Margaret Julia Thomas on November 21, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan. She was the eldest of three children born to Rose Marie Cassaniti and Danny Thomas, a notable Lebanese-American Catholic.

Her family nicknamed her Marlo following her early mispronunciation of Margo. She grew up in Beverly Hills, California.

She graduated from Marymount High School, a Catholic girls’ school, in 1955. She subsequently attended the University of Southern California, where she majored in education and became a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education in 1959.

What Happened To Marlo Thomas Face?

Marlo Thomas’ face had numerous surgeries and facelift operations. Her age is 85 years.  Marlo Thomas has gone too far in her attempts to resist aging, according to a blog article published in 2014 on the official website of Kalos-plasticsurgery.com.

Marlo Thomas

Many plastic surgeons have commented on the possible surgery Marlo underwent to look like one now. Thomas’s unusual shape may appear bizarre to someone of her age.

Marlo Thomas’s rhinoplasty, brow lift, and facelift are among the plastic surgery procedures she may have received, according to fans. In addition, Kalos stated that her plastic surgery decisions have made her look quite unnatural and unique from the gorgeous Marlo that many people remember.

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Career and Achievements

Marlo Thomas never wanted to be an actor, but her father and acquaintances in show business encouraged her. The 1958 Zane Grey Theater episode where she played opposite her father was her television debut.

She later appeared in Bonanza, McHale’s Navy, Ben Casey, The Joey Bishop Show, and Donna Reed. She appeared in London stage dramas like Mike Nichols’ Barefoot in the Park.

She made her mark in 1966 with That Girl, a sitcom about a young lady moving to New York City to act. One of the first shows with a single, independent, career-focused female lead who didn’t need a man for happiness.

Five seasons of the hit sitcom earned Thomas a Golden Globe and four Emmy nominations. She produced the show and helped write and cast.

After That Girl ended in 1971, Thomas produced and starred in TV movies and specials, including It Happened One Christmas, Nobody’s Child, and Free to Be… You and Me, which educated children on gender equality, diversity, and social justice. The collaboration involved Alan Alda, Harry Belafonte, Mel Brooks, and Diana Ross on a record album, book, and TV special. Successfully, the endeavor earned Thomas an Emmy and a Grammy.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Thomas played Rachel’s mother on Friends and a judge on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She appeared in the Broadway productions of Social Security and The Shadow Box.

She authored many books, including Free to Be… a Family, a sequel to Free to Be… You and Me, and The Right Phrases at the Right Time, a collection of celebrity and everyday stories about life-changing phrases.

Thomas participated in many projects and causes in the 2000s and 2010s. In Thanks & Giving All Year Long, a children’s CD and TV special, she produced and starred to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. A feminist icon documentary, That Woman: The Life and Times of Betty Friedan,

She authored other books, including Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny, a memoir about her father’s influence, and It Ain’t Over… Till It’s Over, is a book about women achieving their goals later in life.

President Barack Obama awarded Thomas the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the US, in 2014 for her arts and social accomplishments. Celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, John Legend, and Jimmy Fallon performed on her 2015 album Marlo Thomas and Friends: Thanks & Giving All Year Long. She played Jane Fonda’s friend in Grace and Frankie on Netflix in 2016. She played Nicole Kidman’s mother in The Undoing on HBO in 2020.

Height and Age

Marlo Thomas stands at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs 121 pounds (55 kg). She has brown eyes and brown hair. As of 2023, she is 85 years old.

Personal Life and Family

In 1980, Marlo Thomas married Phil Donahue, a talk show presenter and media figure. They first met when she appeared on his show in 1977.

They’ve been married for 42 years and have no children of their own, but Donahue has five stepchildren from a previous marriage. They have properties in Connecticut and California, as well as New York City.

Thomas has a close relationship with her family and frequently visits her mother, who is still living at the age of 102. Her father died of heart failure in 1991. Her siblings include a producer brother, Tony Thomas, and a singer and actress sister, Terre Thomas. She is also the godmother of Maria Young, the daughter of actress Loretta Young.

Thomas is a fervent Catholic who attends church on a daily basis. She also enjoys music and enjoys listening to jazz, blues, and classical. She enjoys watching comedies, dramas, and documentaries in her spare time. She is also a book lover who enjoys reading biographies, history, and novels. She enjoys animals and has a dog, a cat, and a fish as pets.

Thomas is a warm and genuine lady who enjoys interacting with her followers and the media. She is active on social media, with accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where she posts photos and videos about her life and business.

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