Shocking: Watch Ezra Miller Threatening Teen in a Grocery Store Video

Ezra Miller Threatening Teen
Ezra Miller Threatening Teen

Ezra Miller, the actor at the center of the controversy, is making headlines for their disturbing antics. A video from 2020 in which they threaten to knock out a teenage fan has surfaced online amid assault charges against them. The actor in the video, which has since gone viral, can be seen implying that they would fight a teenage admirer.

A anxious admirer approaches the 29-year-old actor at a supermarket shop in the short film provided by Twitter user @peterknight2800. Then, Ezra Miller provides this exposition:

Over 559.7k views and 28.2k likes were recorded shortly after the video was shared on Twitter. Retweets have been steadily rising over the past few months. There were over 2,562 retweets as of the time this story was published.

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Concerned tweets about Ezra Miller’s behavior came from many online users. Some said they would take the actor seriously even if they sounded like a comedy because of their history of violence.

“You cannot possibly guess who’s gonna show up in this video.”

“I know he was fucking scared”

“Dude’s double take at the end”

“You can see he felt true fear in the last seconds”

“Bros heart was going”

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