‘Virgin River’ Season 5: Is Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey) leaving The Show?

Is Ricky leaving Virgin River

Fans of VIRGIN RIVER were overjoyed to learn that the escapism drama has already received a fifth season order. Grayson Gurnsey, a cast member of Ricky, confirmed that he would attend.

Virgin River has become a worldwide Netflix sensation, and its appeal is growing every. The most recent episode had a tearful scene as Ricky bid farewell to Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) in order to enlist in the Marines. Grayson, who plays Ricky, exclusively discussed his character’s future with Express.co.uk.

When Ricky finally bid farewell to his friends and family, Virgin River followers were left crying and scrambling for tissues.

He’s been thinking about Jack’s decision to join the Marines for some time since he needs a sense of direction.

Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale), his girlfriend, was devastated by the lie since he was afraid to tell her.

In season four, Lizzie experimented with various romances as Ricky made the decision to leave Virgin River.

He said his final farewell to Jack in a tearful scene before getting on the coach.

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A response to the question of whether Ricky had permanently left the series has been provided by actor Grayson.

He told the following exclusively to Express.co.uk: “I don’t think it implies he won’t return at all because I won’t be returning for season five.

“He has this somewhat significant part in the books, so I suppose these things will…depending on how they play out.

“He must get out of the way so that other plot lines can advance since it really can vary.

“He would be gone for a time, at least a season, at the rate the show has been going.


Will Ricky be in Virgin River season 5?

Folks, you heard correctly. Season 5 is now in the development phase! (Fans immediately pointed out that Grayson Gurney’s character Ricky, who joined the Marines at the end of the fourth season, was present at the table read.)

How does Ricky do on the Virgin River?

Spoilers for Virgin River season 4 are forthcoming.
Yes, Ricky makes the decision to continue with his enlistment and spends a significant amount of the season coming to terms with it as he gets ready to report to camp.

On Virgin River, does Ricky enlist in the Marines?

Despite the fact that Ricky works at Jack’s (Martin Henderson) pub, the character didn’t have a significant plot until the third season of the show. He not only started dating Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale), but he also disclosed that he is joining the Marines and leaving Virgin River in order to do so (at least temporarily)

In Virgin River, who perishes?

The only major character to pass away in season four is the Virgin River-based drug dealer and gang leader Calvin.