Is Vince Mcmahon Netflix Documentary Cancelled?

Is Vince Mcmahon Netflix Documentary Cancelled?

Last Updated 1 month Ago

While deep into development on a Vince McMahon docuseries, streaming behemoth Netflix has officially cancelled the upcoming dpcuseries in the wake of the most recent Vince McMahon bombshell.

An article published in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, July 8 alleged that McMahon had repaid as many as four women over a period of 16 years. One of the four unidentified women mentioned in the study reportedly received $7.5 million of those payments from McMahon, for a grand total of $12 million. Last month, it was reported that McMahon paid a former WWE paralegal $3 million in hush money to keep quiet about an affair between the two of them.

Former coworker Denise Salcedo has informed us that the Vince McMahon documentary has been removed from Netflix’s corporate production schedule. Insiders have told Salcedo that the movie was already in post-production when it was abruptly canceled with one remarking, “that s**t is outta here.”

The WWE’s new President and Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Khan, said in October 2020 that Netflix had begun development on a serialised docuseries chronicling the lives and tribulations of Vince McMahon.

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The project was executive produced by Bill Simmons (who also worked on HBO’s popular Andre the Giant documentary) and produced by Chris Smith (director of Netflix’s Fyre Fest documentary).

The now-former WWE Chairman was initially reluctant to take part in the endeavor, as revealed by Vince’s son-in-law Triple H during an interview on Roz & Mocha in March of last year.

“Vince is a unique case in that he doesn’t perceive himself to be…

Mr. McMahon is perhaps one of the biggest fictional characters of all time, but he doesn’t consider himself to be part of the storyline.” So said Triple H. He says, “Noone is intrigued in me, they want to know about the WWE superstars and talents,” when pressed on such topics.