Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date Status: Is It Officially Cancelled?


Neil LaBute created the fantasy drama series ‘Van Helsing,’ which is directed by David Winning. The series is based on Zenescope Entertainment’s graphic novel series ‘Helsing.’ Season 5 of ‘Van Helsing premiered in June 2021 and will conclude in June 2022.

Vanessa Helsing, a distant relative of the famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is the protagonist of the series. She was resurrected in a vampire-ruled post-apocalyptic world.

Critics praised all five seasons of ‘Van Helsing,’ and fans are still wondering if there will be more in the future.

In this article van Helsing season, 6 renewed or canceled. Continue reading to learn more.

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Van Helsing Season 6 Release Date: Is It Officially Cancelled or Renewed?

Season 6 of Van Helsing Has Been Officially Cancelled

Van Helsing Season 6 — CANCELLED

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Recap of season 5 of Van Helsing: Final Episode

WARNING: SPOILER! There will be spoilers for Van Helsing Season 5, Episode 13 below.

Bathory (Jesse Stanley) is no longer alive, having thrown herself off a high-rise building to prevent the Dark One from using her as a pawn. This puts our heroes’ plan to just have her read from the ancient scriptures in order to stun Dracula while they finish her off in serious jeopardy.

However, there may be a silver lining to all of this: Vanessa (Kelly Overton) discovers the Dark One’s pentagram insignia on the back of Bathory’s neck and uses it to tap into Dracula’s mind by carving it out and grafting it onto her own arm. That’s a clever trick.

Once inside, she can communicate with Olivia van Dracula, who has been imprisoned (alive) inside the Dark One for the last three centuries, cursed to shuffle the same tarot deck. Vanessa gives Olivia marching orders and informs her to wait for her signal before leaving the Dark One’s mind.

Vanessa explains some other neat trick she’s got up her sleeve after returning to resistance headquarters: she can now read the scrolls after fusing minds with Bathory. That will undoubtedly come in handy.

Meanwhile, the rest of the resistance is mobilizing, and Sergeant Wethers (Luvia Petersen) is given a new assignment: secret service for President Park (Stephen Lobo) and Aaron (Jeff C. Ballard). Vanessa, Jack (Nicole Muoz), Violet (Keeya King), Ivory (Jennifer Cheon Garcia), and Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) are passing through checkpoints on their way to the White House when Dracula sends a wave of dark energy rippling in a five-mile radius around the White House, sensing their approach. All those who are not Van Helsings or who have not been bitten by Van Helsings become vampires as a result of the dark magic.

The President’s security detail follows him and Aaron into an engine room, where they barricade themselves. Sergeant Wethers, a reformed soldier, discovers them and kidnaps Aaron. Park tries to persuade her; he says he understands her hunger and assures her she can overcome it. She relents and leads the first relatives to safety, sacrificing herself in the process to a posse of hungry vampires.

By then, the Van Helsing brood has entered the White House’s inner sanctum and entered the Oval Office, scrolls a-reading. Vanessa begins the spell when Dracula steals her voice and uses a burst of energy to knock out Violet and Jack.

Then she did remind Vanessa of an old promise: she once said she’d murder her own children in order to serve the Dark One, and now Dracula wants to repay her. She takes control of the Van Helsing matriarch, who picks up a dagger and thrusts it into Violet’s throat. That’s when Vanessa rebels and summons Olivia, who leaps into action.

Dracula loses control of both the Van Helsings and Olivia and her grip slips, allowing Vanessa to continue reciting the scrolls. Dracula is rendered immobile by the words, allowing Violet and Jack to pounce on her and sink their teeth into her neck. Vanessa enters the darkness as it leaves her body. She makes the ultimate sacrifice, offering her body as a vessel to contain the evil, a decision that costs her dearly.

Things are beginning to return to normalcy. Outside, the sky lightens, the sun shines, and vampires revert to human form. The Dark One has been defeated, and Olivia Van Dracula has been returned to her body — alive and in Violet’s care.

Ivory, too, makes a personal sacrifice. She decides that, for the time being, her destiny is to scour the Earth for survivors of the Sisterhood. Of course, Jack’s heart breaks when he hears this, but she, too, sacrifices her own happiness for Ivory’s, knowing they’ll be reunited later.

Axel also puts his future on hold to care for Vanessa, the “sleeping beauty,” in the same way he did in the series premiere. He isn’t ready to give up on her yet.

What about Vanessa? She isn’t ready to let go of her memories. We enter Vanessa’s mind, where she is enjoying her old apartment and some old company. Susan and Dylan are both present. Is it true? According to Susan, the illusion is only as real as Vanessa wants it to be.

That is sufficient for us.

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Reviews and rating of season 5 of Van Helsing:

Van Helsing scored a 6.2 out of 10 rating on IMDb and has a 32% audience score.

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Van Helsing season 6 trailer update:

As we know the season sixth of Van Helsing is officially canceled. so, there is no trailer for it. you can watch the season fifth trailer of Van Helsing below:


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