Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know!


A lot of us will have more questions than answers after seeing the season 3 conclusion of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. The Hargreeves have returned from 1963 to the present day, but they discover they have altered the timeline and have been substituted by the Sparrow Academy. The new season takes off just where season 2 left off.

After confronting their father, Reginald Hargreeves, in the 1960s, he decides to adopt another family of superpowered children in 1989, thus the siblings discover they have competitors when they return in 2019. Things are anything but straightforward for the Hargreeves — and the audience, if you’re not paying careful attention. Add yet another approaching disaster and some time-juggling into the mix.

As you may anticipate, there are significant The Umbrella Academy season 3 spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the most recent season and don’t want to discover anything ahead of time, please turn back now.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained

The Hargreeves, consisting of both Umbrellas and Sparrows, travel via the portal located in the White Buffalo Suite of the Hotel Obsidian in order to arrive at the Hotel Oblivion for the conclusion of the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

Previous to this, in an effort to reunite the family, Reginald murders Luther (Tom Hopper) at the end of episode 9. Reginald is subsequently caught in the Kugelblitz when he prevents Klaus (Robert Sheehan) from reaching the tunnel to Oblivion with the others. The now-dead siblings meet up again in the afterlife, where Klaus learns the truth about Reginald’s involvement in Luther’s death from Luther.

After the passing of Luther and Klaus, everyone is uncertain of themselves and wary of one another. In order to proceed to the next stage of the universe’s reset, Reginald explains that the bells are a symbol for a sigil, which they must locate. To find it, they divided into teams: Ben (Justin H. Min) and Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez) couple up, Five (Aidan Gallagher), Viktor (Elliot Page), and Alison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) form a group, and Diego (David Castaeda) and Lila (Ritu Arya) make a pair. In the hotel lobby, Reginald stays behind.

The other hotel is not what it looks like, as each team met a slightly different samurai. The group splits as some of them wind themselves in a different but equal version of the same hallway.

umbrella academy season 3
umbrella academy season 3

Just before the last samurai falls through the lobby ceiling and chops off his arm, Five realizes that signs on the lobby floor make up the sigil. Alison tries to join them, but Reginald prevents her from doing so. Seven of them must stand on seven stars. A strong beam of light joins the group of five, Klaus, Viktor, Sloane, Ben, Diego, and Lila as they assume their positions, killing the final samurai.

They find themselves within a machine in a different dimension as the hotel facade begins to peel away. The seven are being killed while the particles in their bodies power the device that will reset the cosmos. Alison is unwilling to make this sacrifice, but Reginald is. She assaults him while pushing a huge red button on the machine’s keypad.

Alison can be seen stepping out of a taxi after the video turns black. She enters a house using a key, and when she gets upstairs, her daughter Claire is sound asleep in bed. Ray (Yusuf Gatewood), the guy she was married to in 1963, arrives in the doorway as she moves over to check on her daughter and is dressed in contemporary attire.

The others exit an elevator and enter the outside; a sign informs them that they are in the Obsidian Memorial Plaza, which Reginald Hargreeves donated on October 1, 1989—the dates of the Umbrella and Sparrow Academies’ foundings. On the middle of a six-sided star in the plaza, there is a bust of Reginald.

Luther has lost his chiselled, ape-like build and is still alive. Diego’s fingers and Five’s arm have returned, but none of them have their powers. Sloane is not present. Luther sets out to find Sloane as they all scatter. The episode’s climax shows Reginald and his deceased wife Abigail, who is currently living, at the top of a skyscraper that serves as the corporate headquarters of a business called Hargreeves Financial.

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Who Is Lester Pocket in Season Three of The Umbrella Academy? Actually, Harlan from Season 2 is Lester Pocket. Recall him? Viktor encountered Sissy, a homemaker and Harlan’s mother, when he travelled back in time to the 1960s.

2. Is Stanley Diego’s son?

Ritu Arya’s character Lila shows up, and she’s not alone. Stanley, their 12-year-old son, meets Diego for the first time. Surprisingly, she’s going to leave him with Diego.

3. Is Sloane alive Umbrella Academy?

Five people make it out alive: Viktor, Allison, Diego, Lila, Sloane, and Ben. Sir Reginald says, “This place is a test, a trap, and a way out at the same time.


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