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Top Boy Season 4 Announced: A Everything to Know About New Cast, Release Date and More

top boy season 4

top boy season 4

When the third season of Top Boy was released on Netflix, it became an instant hit. Take a look at everything we currently know about season 4.

When Channel 4 announced the cancellation of Top Boy in 2013, fans were disappointed. Netflix, on the other hand, came to the rescue, confirming two additional seasons in 2017. And when the third season finally arrived two years later, it was well worth the wait – it consisted of ten episodes, as opposed to the four-episode seasons broadcast on the terrestrial channel.

Fans are once again clamoring for more, so read on to find out what we know so far about the fourth season, which Netflix has dubbed Top Boy 2.

About Top Boy

In a nutshell, the film follows the lives of drug dealers Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson) as they operate on the Summerhouse estate in Los Angeles. Inevitably, as their reputation and bank account grow, so do their problems, and they find themselves in the midst of life-or-death situations with rival gangs and organizations, not to mention the authorities.

The relationship between these two central characters develops throughout the course of the show as their circumstances change along with them. Success does not imply complacency, and the duo will need to keep their wits about them if they are to stay ahead of the game and safe from anyone attempting to usurp their position as king and queen.

Top Boy Season 4 Release Date

Top Boy season 4 (also known as Top Boy 2 on Netflix) will premiere on March 18th.

The new series was announced on the largest billboard in the United Kingdom, located outside the BFI IMAX cinema at Waterloo in Central London (see below). There will be a total of eight new episodes this season. According to the promotional materials for the show, the tagline “Loyalty Before Everything” is used.

Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in spring 2020, production on Top Boy 2 began in spring 2020.

Ashley Walters and Netflix both confirmed that filming had begun in December 2020, but did not provide a specific date.

Top Boy Season 4 Cast

This is the fourth season of Dushane, which will star Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson, Jamie (Michael Ward), Shelley (Simbi Ajikawo, better known by her stage name Little Simz), and Jaq (the BAFTA-nominated Jasmine Jobson), who will all return for the fourth season of the show.

Other recurring characters that we’ll see again include drug supplier Lizzie (Lisa Dwan), dealer Jaq (Jasmine Jobson) and her sister Lauryn (Saffron Hocking), Jamie’s second in command Kit (Kadeem Ramsay), Amma (Jolade Obasola), and Jamie’s brothers Aaron (Hope Ikpoku) and Stef (Stephen Fry) among others (Araloylin Oshunremi.)

Additionally, Netflix has now confirmed that there will be some new faces joining the cast as well as returning favorites. Tim Braithwaite and Curtis, Dan Connolly (Harlots), and Howard Charles (Shadow and Bone) will be appearing in recurring roles on the series, which premieres on September 14. Season 4 will also feature guest appearances by Josephine De La Baume (A Very Secret Service), Erin Kellyman (The Green Knight), rap and grime artist ‘NoLay’ (Natalie Athanasiou), and Adwoa Aboah, though it is unclear who they will be playing.

Season 4 will expand the world of the show “in a really interesting way,” according to series director Aneil Karia, who previously told NME that the show’s world will be shaken up by the introduction of some new characters.

“As a fan, I’m really, really excited to see more,” Karia expressed her excitement about the film. “I’m aware that all of the old favorites [are returning], but there are also some really exciting new characters to look forward to.” In a really interesting way, it sounds like they’re expanding the boundaries of the world.”

Top Boy Season 4 Plot

As of the third season’s conclusion, Dushane had proposed a partnership with Jamie, who is currently serving a prison sentence after taking the fall for a crime he did not commit in order to protect his family.

Because of Dushane’s framing of Jamie’s brothers, their friendship is already fraught, and the new partnership may exacerbate the tensions between them even further.

In addition, it was revealed that addicts Sarah and Lee were actually undercover agents who were investigating Dushane, indicating that the current top boy will likely feel the heat in season 4.

Top Boy season 4 Plot

According to Top Boy’s creator and writer Ronan Bennett, future episodes will continue to explore Sully’s more sensitive side, which was revealed in season three after he witnessed his friend and surrogate son Jason (Ricky Smarts) die in an arson attack.

With that in mind, we’ll be taking it a step further in the coming season!” Sully’s newly discovered vulnerability was described by Bennett.

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Top Boy Season 4 Trailer

Netflix has now released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of the Top Boy television series.

Along with the explosive trailer, Netflix also released an official synopsis of the drama that will be unfolding on its platform.

“Dushane (Walters) has been on a roll this season,” the blurb says. He was victorious in his battle against the young pretender Jamie (Ward), leaving his Summerhouse crew unrivalled and earning more money than he had ever before.

“His relationship with Shelley (Ajikawo) is also going well, and he is beginning to think about a future away from the road.” After that, however, a problem arises from an unexpected source, which threatens to bring everything crashing down.”

It appears that trouble is on the horizon…

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