10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time – MCU List

top 10 most powerful marvel characters
top 10 most powerful marvel characters

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) started, it’s been fun to watch some of Marvel’s most famous characters on the big screen. After all, characters like Thor, Tony Stark, the Hulk, and Captain America are what makes the Marvel universe what it is. But recently, the characters that the MCU is showing have changed in a big way. We moved on from Super Soldiers, iron suits, and Norse gods to Celestials, The Watchers, and Eternity.

Basically, the MCU is moving away from people with superpowers, like Inhumans or mutants, and toward cosmic deities with god-like powers and abilities. We have the Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the Celestials and Tiamat in Eternals, the Watcher in What If…?, the Living Tribunal’s cameo and Chthon’s role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Eternity in Thor: Love and Thunder, and Adam Warlock and the High Evolutionary in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. There’s no need to say that the MCU characters are getting stronger.

Now that the MCU has started its Multiverse Saga, we can only expect that even more powerful beings and entities that make up the multiverse will show up in the future. So, it’s time to get to know the most powerful characters in Marvel comic books.

Most of the people on this list are cosmic beings, but a few are ancient beings or Omega-level mutants who became godlike. Here is a list of the Marvel characters in order of how powerful they are.

The One Above All

The One Above All is a mysterious being who made and designed everything in the multiverse. He is the most powerful ruler in the multiverse, and all life and creation come from him. Even though he is very powerful, he doesn’t usually get involved in things that happen in other universes.

Because of this, he set up the Living Tribunal to judge and rule right below him. The One Above All can also show up as The One Below All, who has the power to kill all life. He uses both sides of himself to keep the multiverse in balance and to control its growth.

The Most Powerful Thing in the Universe is the One Above All. He can do anything, is everywhere, knows everything, and has all power. His power is limitless, and he can make or destroy everything in the universe.

There is no other cosmic entity that is stronger than him. This is especially true when you consider that The One Above All created one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the Marvel universe. In the end, The One Above All is the most powerful thing in the Marvel universe as a whole.


Beyonder is a cosmic being who is part of a very old race called the Beyonders. He has done some pretty crazy things over the course of his Marvel history. First, he planned the creation of Molecule Man so that he could get to Earth and have a way to destroy the entire universe.

Then, he made his own planet called Battleworld and took some of the most powerful heroes and villains from around the world and made them fight each other. He almost destroyed the whole multiverse more than once, and he has the power to kill the Living Tribunal, just like other people of his race who have done the same thing.

In his first form, Beyonder is almost as powerful as any other being in the Marvel universe. He was changed, though, so that he had less power. But in his original form, he was all-powerful and had no limits on what he could do.

He can change the way matter, energy, and real work on a cosmic scale. Beyonder has about a million times as much power as the Living Tribunal, which says it has all the power of the multiverse. Still, he doesn’t have as much power as the one who made the whole universe.

Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is the universe’s judge, jury, and executioner. In every universe, there isn’t a Living Tribunal like there was in Eternity and Infinity. There is only one Living Tribunal that keeps an eye on the whole multiverse and makes decisions about it. It usually shows up as a golden person with three hooded faces. Its three faces represent the three values it uses to judge the universes: Fairness, Necessity, and Revenge.

The main job of the Living Tribunal is to keep everything in the universe in perfect balance. For example, the Living Tribunal almost wiped out Earth once because of all the bad things that could happen there. The Living Tribunal won’t think twice about killing or destroying someone if it will help the world in the long run.

The Living Tribune is all-powerful, will never die, and has the power of every universe in it. It is also everywhere and almost always knows everything, and it has more power than both Eternity and Infinity put together. Its powers are so great that no one knows how much they can do.

The Living Tribune, on the other hand, is also completely fair. It only makes decisions based on logic and what’s best for everyone. It doesn’t care about itself or anyone else. Still, since The One Above All made the Living Tribunal and the Beyonders killed him, he is not the most powerful being in the Marvel universe.


People think that Infinity and Eternity have about the same amount of power. In every universe, there is both an Infinity and an Eternity. Like Eternity, Infinity is an abstract being that represents the universe and has full control over it. However, she is the personification of space instead of time. She has the same abilities as Eternity: she is immortal, she is almost all-powerful and all-knowing, and she can control the whole universe. But, just like Eternity, the Living Tribunal is still more powerful than her.


Eternity is an abstract entity that embodies the Marvel universe and is the personification of time. There is an Eternity in every Marvel universe. Eternity, along with his sister, Infinity, was created during the Big Bang.

When the Universe was subsequently created, Eternity embodied every aspect of it, assuming the collective consciousness of every single living being in the universe. Hence, Eternity is immortal and can control every aspect of the universe. The only thing or being that he can’t control is the Living Tribunal, making Eternity the second highest authority of the universe.

As an abstract entity, Eternity’s powers are limitless. He is immortal and nearly omnipotent and omniscient. He can manipulate the universe to achieve virtually any effect desired, having full power over time, space, energy, and reality itself. Eternity is among the most powerful cosmic entities in the Marvel universe.

Molecule Man

Molecule Man’s real name was Owen Reece. As a child, he was shy and weak, but he grew up to be a bitter, angry man. Reece was working a dead-end job at a nuclear power plant when he turned on a particle accelerator by accident and was blasted with radiation.

The radiation changed his body and gave him psionic powers like those of a god. He could, in a sense, control all energy and all matter, right down to the level of molecules. Reece called himself Molecule Man and wanted to get back at the world because he had lost hope in it.

The Molecule Man’s psychic abilities are almost limitless, and he has even shown the rare ability to change the reality on a multiverse level. Later, it turns out that the Beyonder had a hand in making the Molecule Man. He made a Molecule Man as a bomb because, when he dies, he will accidentally destroy the whole universe.

Molecule Man can destroy the universe, stand up to Beyonder, and use his psionic powers on a cosmic level, but he is his own biggest weakness. He wasn’t the strongest person in the Marvel universe because he had mental blocks, doubted himself, and thought his powers came from a wand instead of himself.


Galactus was born on the planet Taa as Galan. But after his planet was destroyed and he joined with the Sentience of the Universe, he became Galactus. This gave him a huge amount of power and an unquenchable need for energy to keep his very powerful body going.

This made Galactus need to eat whole planets to keep himself alive, which led to the end of many different civilizations around the universe. So, he spends a lot of time wandering the universe and looking for suitable planets to eat. On his travels, he meets many heroes and villains and is stronger than all of them.

Galactus is, in a way, the universe itself. He can get his power from a force called the Power Cosmic. His connection to the Sentience of the Universe and the Cosmic Power gives him incredible powers in the areas of cosmic awareness, telepathy, telekinesis, matter manipulation, energy manipulation, and even resurrection and life creation. He can both make a whole new world and destroy a whole universe. Few people can match his abilities, but he has a weakness in that he always needs to get more energy.


Demiurge made Chthon billions of years ago. He is an Elder God. As time went on, all of the Elder Gods, including Chthon, became evil and became demons. Demogorgon the God-Eater killed almost all of the Elder Gods because he was afraid for the future of the people. Chthon avoided dying and moved into a different dimension, but before he did, he wrote the Darkhold on Mount Wundagore so he would always be connected to the earth.

He came to be the ruler of his own dimension and took control of everything in it. In the meantime, he had a lasting effect on the world. He was the father of many monsters, gave the baby Wanda Maximoff his chaos magic, and used the Darkhold to corrupt many people.

Chthon is very powerful. He is an Elder God and the first person to master dark and chaotic magic. He knows everything there is to know about chaos magic, which means he can bend reality to his will. Also, because he is both a god and a demon, his body can change shape and he will live forever.

Chthon can also take control of demons and control the minds of anyone who reads the Darkhold. Chthon is one of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel universe. If he weren’t trapped in another dimension, he would be almost impossible to stop on Earth.


Both his past and his power are a little bit of a mystery. Tiamut was part of the First Celestial Host, which is about all we know about him. Tiamut’s job was to check out planets and report back to the Fulcrum about what he found.

But when Arishem the Judge tried to break the rules of the heavens, Tiamut attacked him and beat him. Tiamut was then attacked by four other Celestials, who locked him up and decided that his name should never be spoken again. From that point on, he was only known as the Dreaming Celestial.

All of the Celestials have power that is hard to measure. But Tiamut is also thought to be one of the most powerful Celestials. He did beat Arishem the Judge, and it took four other Celestials to put him in jail. Even Galactus was afraid of this huge Celestial with armor that couldn’t be broken.

He has the same power as other Celestials to destroy and create whole universes and races. He can’t die and has an infinite supply of cosmic energy, which gives him almost every power and skill he could want. Since we don’t know the full extent of his power, it’s hard to know where he belongs on this list.

Matthew Malloy

Matthew Malloy, a mutant from an alternate universe, might be the most powerful Omega-level mutant in the Marvel universe. When we first meet Malloy, he is a quiet man who lives with his wife, Jules, in Charleston, South Carolina. But when he and his wife are caught in a Skrull invasion, his life takes a tragic turn.

The attack kills Jules and destroys the house they used to share. Malloy moves to Newberry, where he meets his sister-in-law. He is still in shock from the tragedy. The meeting pushes him too far, and his mutant powers start to show. When they show up, they release a huge amount of energy that kills everyone nearby, including his sister-in-law.

Malloy can’t control his feelings, which causes more destruction to the area and more deaths. In the end, Tempus and Professor X go back in time to stop Malloy from ever being born. This undoes all the damage and deaths he caused. Because Malloy’s story was short, no one knew how powerful he really was.

But from what was shown, it seemed like there was no end to it. He was very good at telekinesis, making energy, telepathy, and he could even come back from the dead. If he had more time to grow, he might have become stronger than some of the people on this list.

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