Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Release Date Status, Renewed Confirmation & Everything You Need To Know


Too Hot to Handle is a Fremantle production company Talkback and Thames’s American-British reality television dating game program. The show’s eight-episode first season, created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, premiered on Netflix on April 17, 2020. The show is hosted by a virtual assistant named “Lana,” and it revolves around ten adults who are all primarily involved in meaningless flings and are unable to form long-term relationships, they are thrown together in a house for four weeks and forced to participate in various workshops while being prohibited from kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification. The contestants begin with a $100,000 grand prize, which is gradually lowered if rules are broken.

The series was renewed for two additional seasons in January 2021, both of which were shot back-to-back in the Turks and Caicos Islands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first half of the second season will premiere on June 23, 2021, with the second half following the following week on June 30, 2021.

On January 19, 2022, the third season was released.

Now that the majority of people have watched the third season, fans are asking when Netflix will reveal the fourth.

When will Too Hot to Handle season 4 premiere?

It’s difficult to estimate when Too Hot to Handle season 4 will premiere, however, it appears as though the new season will premiere in 2022!

Netflix has released multiple seasons of chosen reality series, like The Circle and Sexy Beasts, in a single installment. While Too Hot to Handle has usually only shown one season per year, that may soon change.

When Netflix announced its year-round lineup of reality romance series, it stated that Too Hot to Handle season 4 will premiere soon rather than in 2023. Given the introduction of year-round reality romance shows in 2022, another season of Too Hot to Handle could debut before the end of the year.

Given that the series has historically premiered new seasons in the summer, a Summer 2022 release date for season 4 cannot be ruled out. Additionally, the series could be extended into the later months of the year.

Too Hot to Handle is accepting submissions via its website

Season 4 of “Too Hot to Handle” has yet to be revealed, but there is no reason to be concerned. When Netflix announced the renewal of “Too Hot to Handle” Seasons 2 and 3, Vice President of unscripted and documentary programs Brandon Riegg expressed great optimism for the show. “Netflix users the globe over fell in love with season one’s entertaining antics,” he told Variety. “And viewers won’t have to wait long to witness our new participants attempt (and fail) to adhere to Lana’s rigorous rules, which include lots of twists and turns.” Netflix’s next move will be to examine Season 3’s streaming figures and determine whether the show is popular enough to warrant a fourth season.

The appearance of “Too Hot to Handle” casting on is an optimistic sign that the show may continue. A brief scroll will bring you to the show’s Submit Now page, where anyone 18 years or older can submit a one-minute video for consideration to be on the show. It’s quite improbable that the show would welcome suggestions if they weren’t planning to renew it. Until Netflix definitively approves, fans can only wait and hope for more of the hands-off singles program in the future.

Who will star in Season 4 of Has Too Hot To Handle?

As we have not yet received confirmation of renewal, we cannot confirm who will star in season 4. What we do know is that Too Hot To Handle has expanded internationally with the release of Too Hot To Handle: Brazil and Too Hot To Handle: Mexico in 2021. With this in mind, we may anticipate the cast to be drawn from the same countries as the previous three seasons: the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

Although Too Hot To Handle advertises for candidates, some appear to be chosen via social media. As Holly from season three confessed to Digital Spy, “I believe I was approached to appear on Love Island a couple of years ago, the US version, for season one, and I politely declined.

“Believe it or not, I couldn’t envision myself on a reality show. This one sort just fell into my lap, and I was in the ‘why not?’ frame of mind. Right? As you only live once, encounter life, and here I am.”

Who won the third season of Too Hot to Handle?

While the award was distributed amongst the entire group in season one and a single lucky winner in season two, they took a different approach this year.

Finally, for the first time in the show’s history, the prize was awarded to a winning couple — Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond of the United Kingdom.

They defeated Nathan Soan, a South African model, and Georgia Hassarati, an Australian midwife.

Harry, a 29-year-old tree surgeon from Middlesbrough, arrived on the island bragging about his Harry Styles resemblance, along with the cheeky demeanor to match.

Beaux, 24, the legal secretary, arrived immediately after him, but their bond was far from instantaneous.


Indeed, both of them began their time on the island as friends and confidantes after setting their sights on other people.

However, during Lana’s workshops, the couple’s closeness became clear, and it further strengthened as they shared a bed and had quiet conversations away from the group.

Harry eventually revealed that he was falling for Beaux, with the quick-witted blonde taking her time before finally opening up to him.

They mainly adhered to Lana’s guidelines between them – but Harry did manage to lose $4,000 after his pent-up sexual energy necessitated some alone time. To be fair to him, he paid more than $4,000 when he was forced to admit his moment of self-love in front of the group, which included Beaux. We believe he may have rapidly learned his lesson from that encounter.

By the series’ conclusion, they had declared themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, with Harry even admitting that he had fallen in love with her.

Time will tell whether they’ve stood the test of time since the program finished — because, in keeping with Lana’s restrictions, they haven’t divulged anything on social media that would imply otherwise.

Official Trailer Of Too Hot To Handle 

Where can I find the whole seasons of Too Hot to Handle?

Too Hot to Handle’s previous seasons are available to stream on Netflix.


Too Hot to Handle became Netflix’s top-rated show during the week of April 20. The review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes rates Too Hot to Handle’s first season 35%, with an average rating of 4.41 out of 10 based on 23 reviews. Metacritic assigns the series a Metascore of 43 based on ten reviews, indicating “mixed or mediocre reviews.”

The show was panned by Decider critic John Serba, who described it as “a mashup of Temptation Island, Love Island, Seinfeld’s “The Contest” episode, and The Peter Griffin Sideboob Hour,” adding that “to call it tawdry is to engage in nuclear understatement,” calling it “some of the dreckiest dreck ever drecked,” and advising viewers to avoid it.

Slate’s Rachelle Hampton also offered a critical review, stating: “Despite an undeniably hot idea, Too Hot to Handle lacks direction and fails as a result. (…) Its will-they-or-won’t-they premise is destroyed the moment it becomes plain that they will, even if it means losing tens of thousands of dollars.”


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