Too Hot To Handle Season 3: These Couples Are Still Together!

Too Hot To Handle Season 3: These Couples Are Still Together!

Season three of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle has come to a close, and the winners have been determined. the finale aired on Jan. 26, with Harry and Beaux taking home $90,000 in prize money for their victory. Georgia was the runner-up, followed by Nathan.

‘I can’t believe this’, Beaux remarked after Lana, the Alexa-like device keeping an eye on the pairs, reported that she had won. ‘We moved from nothing to being in love’ Harry said.

And there were no resentments or resentments of any sort. Nathan said he couldn’t be happier for Harry and Beaux, who “deserve it.” “I would have voted for them if I could.”

Several couples, including Holly and Nathan, Izzy and Jackson, and Holly and Beaux, departed the show together at the finale. Which of the following is true of the following:

Georgia and Patrick

Patrick revealed that he is actually single in an Instagram video posted on Too Hot to Handle’s page on January 26. Their relationship isn’t romantic; they’re merely good pals who “have kept in touch” and “have communicated.”

If you’re looking for love, you can count on Patrick to announce that he’s “on the market.”

Holly and Nathan

Holly and Nathan are “very, really close,” and she claims they’re in love, but they aren’t engaged.

Covid, Holly explained on Instagram, was “one of a few elements” that came into play during the process. “But it’s not easy at all, especially during a pandemic.”

Jackson and Izzy

A “friends with benefits” relationship appears to be taking place between these two people. According to Jackson, he and Izz were “both still single” at the time of the interview. “We like to socialise, and we’d like to do it more often.”

According to what he said after that, “Even though it would be dreadful to do this on a night out, I believe that if we went out, we’d either sleep with each other or aid each other in finding a partner to share a bed with. That’s the kind of connection we have.”

Harry and Beaux

Everyone, I’m sorry, but this one is going to hurt a little.

It has been confirmed that Harry and Beaux have broken up.

In the video, Harry said, “Our relationship status is now single.” That’s not true, though.

And don’t despair just yet; there’s still a slim chance. As if that wasn’t enough, he added, “Who knows?”

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