Tommy Dorfman made her engagement to a woman public.

The actress from 13 Reasons Why broke the good news during an appearance on Rachel Bilson‘s Broad Ideas podcast, although she refrained from disclosing who her new fiance is

Dorfman did, however, refer to her as “simply a lesbian girl and state that her current love is a “cis lady”. In addition, the celebrity claimed, “I knew I was attracted to women in a manner that I hadn’t really been conscious of since high school.”

Dorfman acknowledged, “I had this unfinished, unexplored thing.” I thought, “This is the year I’m going out on some dates with girls and letting that stuff out again without feeling bad about it.

Tommy Dorfman engagment

Dorfman said in the podcast that her fiance is the first woman she has been with in a “very long time,” calling the relationship “extremely validating.” Continue listening to the podcast above.

“It’s secure. Additionally, it’s risky and terrifying to fall in love, “Dorfman remarked. “So unpleasant and painful. All of the universal emotions associated with being in love are likely the same.”

Dorfman, who came out as transgender in July 2021, also discussed the qualities that drew her to be his fiancée.

She added, “I fell in love with someone who doesn’t fetishize me, and he helps give me shots of oestrogen.” “My fiancée did it for me the first time because she knew how to do it. She then guided me through everything over FaceTime while she was out of town.”

It had been six months since Dorfman and Peter Zurkuhlen called it quits. When Dorfman came out as a man in 2016, the couple already had a marriage. However, six months after Dorfman’s transfer, in February of this year, Zurkuhlen filed for divorce.

At the time, Dorfman said on Instagram that she was “thrilled to reintroduce me as the woman I am now.” I’m extremely appreciative of all the trans people who came before me and followed this route, dismantled obstacles and risked their lives to live truthfully and radically as themselves.

She said, “Thank you to all the trans women who taught me how to live, love, rejoice, and occupy this earth.


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