Tom Holland And Zendaya Moving In Together?

Tom Holland And Zendaya Moving In Together?

Tom Holland and Zendaya take their relationship to the next level! The “Spider-Man” couple are said to have bought a fat mansion in London. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya are the new dream couple in Hollywood. Fans are happy about every sweet love message they get from the two. Yes, Tom and Zendaya are said to have already thought about their baby planning.

That’s why the latest information doesn’t come as a surprise: Tom Holland and Zendaya want to move in together in London. The “Spider-Man” star is said to have bought a three million dollar villa for himself and his girlfriend. The six-bedroom property is currently undergoing refurbishment and is set to add a gym, cinema, games room and sauna. Also, Tom Holland got permission to extend the basement. 


Tom Holland And Zendaya To Move In Together?

Insiders are said to have reported that Tom Holland is currently doing everything he can to make this home perfect for both of them. Zendaya is also said to have visited him very often in London.

Tom Holland currently resides in his old London apartment, while Zendaya resides in her native Los Angeles, where she also owns a $3 million property. Long-distance relationships like this can be pretty stressful, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Tom Holland and Zendaya moved into a home together. Perhaps they will keep both apartments, after all, they both shoot in America very often. 

Still, it’s no secret that Tom Holland is very attached to his native England. He grew up in Kingston, which is very close to his new London home. Maybe the two want to enjoy their love here away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. 


What’s Next For Holland?

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is one of the most successful films of all time. Anyway, one of the most successful films of last year. Although the corona pandemic led to considerable financial losses for the film industry (and of course the cinemas), there was hardly any sign of this for the latest part of the “Spider-Man” film series.

It’s no wonder that Sony (the company that owns the film rights to “Spider-Man”) and Marvel (the studio that publishes the hundreds of comic book adaptations) immediately got together to work on new trilogy work. Both sides very quickly made it clear that they definitely wanted to continue the story of course also very much with actor Tom Holland in the role of “Spider-Man”. Rumors circulated that Holland had already signed on for three more films, but now the star has spoken out about it herself and taken a bit of the wind out of her sails.


Currently, There Would Only Be “Talks”

In an interview with EW, Holland made it clear exactly what his current role in the negotiations is. And that doesn’t sound to us like a contract has already been signed and everything is sealed. “We’ve had talks about a potential future for ‘Spider-Man,'” Holland says, “but right now it’s just talks. We don’t know what the future looks like.” Doesn’t sound to us like the future of the franchise is set in stone. Apparently, there is currently neither a script nor can it be said that Holland has even made a verbal commitment.

We’ve seen the movie and love it, despite the big Marvel lie debunked by an end credits scene! As things stand at the moment, Holland is not only saying goodbye to “Spider-Man” but also to acting on top of it. The star revealed in an interview with People that he wants to take a break from work to focus on starting a family of his own. 

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