The Winchesters: What Is Known About The Supernatural Spin-Off?

The Winchesters: What Is Known About The Supernatural Spin-Off?

It’s official, The CW has ordered the first episode of The Winchesters. What that means for “Supernatural” fans. “Supernatural” ended a few months ago with its 15th season and a finale that didn’t go over well with all fans. But now those fans (and everyone else) can rejoice because The CW has released the first episode of “The Winchesters” ordered.

It is a prequel series produced by Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles and his wife. In the original, the series will have Ackles’ voiceover narration. The Winchesters tell the story of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Ackles) parents, John and Mary Winchester. Even before the series was officially announced, there was drama among the former Winchester brothers, as Padalecki found out about “The Winchesters” from outside sources and not Ackles ouch. Accordingly, he will not (initially) be part of the new series.


The Winchesters: What Is The Plot?

The plot of the prequel TV series The Winchesters revolves around Sam and Dean’s parents, John and Mary. This is an epic story never told before of how the two met and how they put everything at risk not only to save their love but the whole world. The point of view offered to us in the narration, as anticipated, is that of Dean.

When Supernatural ended with its fifteenth season, we knew it wasn’t over. Because as we say on the show, “Nothing ever really ends, right?” When Danneel and I started Chaos Machine Productions, we knew that the first story we wanted to tell was that of John and Mary Winchester, or rather the origin story of Supernatural. I always thought my character Dean would want to know more about his parents’ relationship and how it came about. This is why I love the thought that he will lead us on this journey.

These are the words released by Jensen Ackles to Deadline about the TV series The Winchesters.


Supernatural concluded its airing in Fall 2020. The show follows brothers Dean and Sam in their hunt for demons, ghosts, monsters and other supernatural creatures. From the mother series, we learned that Mary, the mother, was killed by a demon when Sam was just a child. Investigating his wife’s death, John later became a hunter and passed on his knowledge and skills to his children.

The Winchesters: Do We Have A Release Date?

If you are already wondering when The Winchesters will release, you should know that The CW has not yet officially ordered the TV series. For this reason, at the moment it is premature to talk about the release date of the Supernatural prequel. We will follow each development step by step and see together what will happen in the coming months.

The Series Is Not Yet Certain

So is “Supernatural” replenishment now secured for the fans? Unfortunately no, because as already mentioned, The CW has only ordered the first episode of the new series. In fact, it’s not the first “Supernatural” prequel series that was planned either. Already “Supernatural: Bloodlines” and “Wayward Sisters” never saw the light of day, despite the huge fan base that “Supernatural” can look forward to. So it remains to be seen if The CW will be interested in the series beyond the first episode. We’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed.


Who’s In The Cast?

At the moment nothing is known about the cast of the TV series The Winchesters. In Supernatural, Mary and John were brought to the stage by Samantha Smith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but the prequel will probably target two younger actors.

But on the Sam and Dean show, we also saw Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen play the two characters. We believe that, if so, their return is more likely. Actually, ours is just a hypothesis. We will update you as soon as we know more.

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