The Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 Ending Explained

The Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 Ending Explained

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Raise your hand if you anticipated that Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 would have a budget plan comparable to that of Godzilla vs. Kong, the guts to still have Vecna mutilate one of our favorite characters, and the force a friend of mine—certainly not me—to refill on tissues the following morning.

Yes, Volume One revived the show (which was necessary since Season Three fell short of fans’ expectations). Book Two? The conclusion of Episode Nine not only successfully reframed Stranger Things as we previously knew it, but it also set up the fifth and final season, which will undoubtedly spark intense anticipation up until the time we can actually start watching. Maybe we’re all thinking too far ahead. Don’t we need to recap the conclusion?

Warning Spoiler Ahead.

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Max, For a Horrific Minute, and Eddie RIP

Let’s start by applauding Joseph Quinn for giving Eddie Munson an unbelievable amount of heart. Few new characters entering a well-established show like Stranger Things are able to accomplish this.

He takes on the role of the rocking, rollin’ embodiment of Stranger Things’ central question: What does it mean to be a nerd? in Volume Two. one more? We learn that being a nerd means living a life that is genuine to you and no one else, and sticking to it even while facing physical hell, at least in Eddie.

Eddie RIP
Eddie RIP

This season, Lucas learns the same lesson as he discovers that he is most himself when he is among his adorably loser-y friends. Eddie achieves his heroic moment by performing a metal as hell cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” You’ll be missed, buddy.

What do we do about Max now? Midway through Vecna’s horrible rituals of death, Eleven intervened to save her and revive her when her heart had stopped. She claims she is unable to see or feel anything before Max’s (temporary) death. Through mind-travel, neither Eleven nor Max can locate the other.

You have to wonder if she’ll wind up like Victor Creel, played by Robert Englund, who was permanently rendered blind after seeing his son. However, there might be more to surviving a fight with Vecna. If you want to read some Max-related theories, scroll down to the very bottom of this breakdown.

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Up Side Up, B.C.

You believed that the Henry-is-One-But-Also-Vecna revelation was the season’s biggest surprise. How did it make you feel when Vecna was revealed to have created the Upside Down? (But doesn’t he also possess divine abilities to produce wicked sentient life?) Vecna claims that the Upside Down was a kind of formless, aimless wilderness when he arrived in a flashback scene during the last fight of Episode Nine.

But Vecna also quips that, like the Demodogs, he spotted a tonne of oddities while exploring this area. Finally, we are made to believe that he created the entire Upside Down, including the Mind Flayer. In essence? Vecna has been there at all times.

We’re left with a few questions even while the twist solidly binds the show’s past, present, and future into exhilarating coherence. Where precisely did Henry find it first? only a different dimension? Demodogs were there previously, but how and why? Do the pupils at Hawkins Lab have any limitations on their abilities? All of this serves as Season 5 material. However, Vecna’s establishment as the show’s main villain and subsequent positioning as such have done Stranger Things a lot of good.

The Russia of Everything

Sure, the section of this season of Stranger Things devoted to Hopper’s prison break has its moments. the relationship between Dmitri and Hopper. Murray from Brett Gelman has us in stitches. picking up where the real romance between Joyce and Hopper left off.

But compared to the drama in Hawkins, where, you know, the fate of the entire planet is at stake, the stakes in Russia never felt nearly as high. Naturally, everyone who is an adult returns home without incident. However, it is still unclear why Russia is so motivated to use the power of the Upside Down.

Are we simply expected to accept that because there are so many interdimensional (it’s a word, at least for today) gateways in the globe, chaos could arise at any time? I have no doubt that this storyline thread is headed somewhere significant after watching how Henry/One/story Vecna’s ended—but how long it actually took to get the payoff.

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Strange Things: Final Chapter

Let’s discuss the decisive shot. A sizable portion of the Stranger Things gang peers over a hill of flowers that have started to wither due to the invasion of the Upside Down and see something that absolutely terrifies them.

Hawkins is a complete disaster zone: the ground is trembling and fracturing, dark clouds are circling above, and the locals are debating whether or not they understand what an earthquake is.

Suddenly, the conclusion to Stranger Things is revealed. In Season 5, our companions will exert every effort to find Vecna and kill him before he has a chance to heal and take over the planet in its entirety.

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