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The Tourist Season 2 Renewed: Everything We Know So Far about This Series

The BBC broadcasted the premiere of the brand-new thriller The Tourist in January 2022.

In the end, the identity of The Man was revealed after a slew of twists and turns in the offbeat, tense mystery drama – which centers on an enigmatic figure in the Australian outback who suffers from amnesia – was unraveled.

Despite the fact that it resolved one loose end, the season finale left a number of other questions unanswered. Fortunately, the BBC has confirmed a second season renewal, so fans won’t have to wait too long to find out the answers they’re looking for.

At this point, very little is known about season 2, but we do know that screenwriters Jack and Harry Williams will again be penning the scripts for the second season. The BBC’s Chief Content Officer, Charlotte Moore, recently mentioned the impressive viewing figures for season 1 in an interview with Radio Times magazine.

“In its first 30 days, 12 million people watched The Tourist – that’s twice the number of people who watched the most popular show on Netflix, Stay Close,” she said. “The ability of the BBC to reach millions of people is far greater than we may be aware of,” says the broadcaster.

Continue reading to find out everything we know so far about the second tourist season.

The Tourist Season 2 Release Date

Harry and Jack Williams, who wrote the script, told RadiTimes.com that they were looking forward to writing more. After all, it has now been confirmed that The Tourist will return for a second season.

Despite the fact that production on this series has not yet begun, we can expect it to premiere in 2023. However, there is no official information available about the cast or the plot of the film. But one thing is for certain: Jamie will be returning.

The Tourist Season 2 Release Date
The Tourist Season 2 Release Date

Do you recall how the series came to a close with Armageddon? We were under the impression that was the end of it. However, following the conclusion of the final episode, it was possible to conclude that Dornan had a chance of surviving.

They originally signed up for only one season of The Tourist, but after seeing how well it performed, they have decided to renew their contract. I believe that it will continue with Dornan’s survival and that a new mystery will be revealed. All we hope is that it doesn’t get dragged. In your opinion, what do you think about this?

The Tourist Season 2 Cast

A final decision on the Season 2 cast has not yet been made. The cast of the previous season of this six-episode series included the following individuals:

  • The Man/Elliot Stanley is played by Jamie Dornan.
  • Danielle Macdonald has been appointed as Probationary Constable. Helen Chambers is a writer and editor who lives in the United Kingdom.
  • Luci Miller/ Victoria is played by Shalom Brune-Franklin.
  • Billy Nixon is played by Lafur Darri lafsson.
  • Kosta Panigiris is played by Alex Dimitriades.
  • Sue is played by Genevieve Lemon.
  • Ralph is played by Danny Adcock.
  • Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers is played by Damon Herriman.
  • Dimitri Panigiris is played by Alex Andreas.
  • Freddie Lanagan is played by Maria Mercedes.
  • Peter the Policeman is played by Michael Ibbotson.
  • Sergeant Rodney Lammon is played by Kamil Ellis.
  • The Umbilical Brothers (David Collins and Shane Dundas) Played By Helicopter pilots, Arlo and Jesse, are played by David Collins and Shane Dundas.

Continue reading our articles to find out who will be joining the stellar cast of this critically acclaimed thriller. The BBC iPlayer will broadcast the second season. Let’s see what we come up with. Shalom is someone I am looking forward to seeing as well. Who do you hope to see in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones?

The Tourist Season 2 Plot

Season 2 is expected to pick up where season 1 left off, with some loose ends that could be resolved in season 2. Plot details have yet to be confirmed.

In our previous encounter with Elliot, he had consumed a bottle of vodka and swallowed a large number of pills in an attempt to take his own life after learning that he was a drug trafficker and then losing his memory. Constable Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald), on the other hand, decided to give him a second chance by sending him a burrito emoji – which had previously been established as a symbol of love in a previous episode.

After realizing that he has something to live for, Elliot’s fate in season 2 would be revealed, as well as whether or not he continued his relationship with Helen. Another possibility is that another shadowy figure from his past will emerge to serve as the season 2 antagonist.

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The Tourist Season 2 Trailer

Although a trailer for The Tourist season two has not yet been released, be sure to check back here on thecurrent-online.com to see it as soon as it is available.

Even having amnesia is no longer an acceptable excuse at this point!

The first season of The Tourist is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer and is also available on DVD and Blu-ray. The second season of The Walking Dead has been officially announced.

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