The Pentaverate Release Date, Cast Details, Plot & Everything We Know So Far

the pentaverate release date

Mike Myers hasn’t been seen much in the media in the last few years, which is understandable. His most recent major film appearance was in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the epic biopic about the rise of Queen and its frontman Freddie Mercury, which was released in 2018. (via IMDb). Since then, Myers has made only a few cameo appearances, with the most notable being a “Wayne’s World” Super Bowl ad for Uber Eats, which aired during the 2019 game.

However, while that may appear to be some blatant product placement on Myers’ part, it demonstrates that a franchise as old as the “Wayne’s World” films, which have been in production since 1993, is still relevant in today’s world. A similar statement can be made about much of Myers’ other work as well.. There’s no denying that people remember “Austin Powers,” and they definitely remember “Shrek,” which is why it’s a shame that Myers hasn’t released any new material in a very long time. That is, up until now, at any rate.

“The Pentaverate,” a five-episode mini-series created and starring Myers himself, will premiere exclusively on Netflix in the coming months. Netflix has already released a trailer for the project, which includes information on the official release date as well as the identities of several key cast members. Taking all of this into consideration, “The Pentaverate” appears to be an exciting return to the stylings of Mike Myers, and it is one that fans should keep an eye on in the future. Here’s what we know so far about the situation.

The Pentaverate Release Date

Fans of Mike Myers will appreciate how little buildup there is for “The Pentaverate,” as it is a very short film. A series like this could have been in the works for several years, theoretically. The show’s creators, on the other hand, decided not to reveal it until the show was already a hair’s breadth away from being released. According to the trailer, “The Pentaverate” will be released on May 5th, which happens to be Cinco de Mayo, to commemorate the holiday.

The Pentaverate Release Date
The Pentaverate Release Date

This is not a coincidental occurrence. The number five is significant to “The Pentaverate” for a variety of reasons that should be obvious. Myers has been having a lot of fun dropping hints about “The Pentaverate” that are related to the number five for more than a week now. The following day, on March 7, he created an Instagram account, where he posted only cryptic images of the number five, all of which was timed to the release of the trailer.

Indeed, the show’s title is a parody of the Roman Triumvirates, two powerful political partnerships between three powerful Roman politicians during the time of Julius Caesar and the first emperor, Octavian, who were both killed by Julius Caesar (via Encyclopedia Britannica). The prefix “Penta-” means five, and as the trailer explains, “The Pentaverate” is a clandestine organization comprised of five powerful individuals who are at the heart of the show’s mystery narrative.

The Pentaverate Cast

Any good mystery series has a cast of colorful characters to keep the reader’s attention. In order to unravel the mysteries of “The Pentaverate,” viewers will need to be aware of what (or rather, who) they are looking at, which will largely be Mike Myers in some form or another if they are to be successful. Myers will portray at least eight wildly different characters throughout the course of the series, using a combination of makeup, costuming, and strong acting skills (via Deadline). This is something he is particularly well-known for, as it is a technique he used extensively in films such as the “Austin Powers” trilogy and other projects.

Beyond himself, however, Myers has assembled an all-star cast that includes Ken Jeong as Skip Cho and Keegan-Michael Key as Dr. Hobart Clark, among others. The former is a casino owner who also happens to be a meteorological genius, while the latter is a nuclear physics expert. Both are employed by the Pentaverate in order to assist in the resolution of the Earth’s climate crisis. According to Deadline, Debi Mazar, Jennifer Saunders, Lydia West, and Richard McCabe will also appear in the film in notable roles.

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The Pentaverate Trailer

It is explained in detail in the trailer for “The Pentaverate” that in the 1300s, a group of five men found that fleas and rats were the sources of the bubonic plague. In spite of the fact that they had been labeled heretics by the Catholic Church, the men banded together to form a shadowy organization dedicated to manipulating world events for the greater good of mankind. The Pentaverate was formed as a result of this.

However, it appears as though their organization may not be able to maintain its secrecy for much longer in the future. During the Pentaverate’s efforts to combat climate change, people begin to make connections between the dots and piece together evidence of the existence of the Illuminati-like group. Ken Scarborough, a Canadian Journalist (and one of the many roles played by Mike Myers) is one of those individuals. Scarborough is not revealed in the trailer, but Deadline reports that Scarborough is attempting to break the storey of the Pentaverate in order to reclaim his job from the Pentaverate. It is still up in the air whether he will be successful, and whether the Pentaverate will be successful in their own affairs as well. Fans will, however, be able to find out when the series premieres on May 5.

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