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Streaming TV show The Order is a horror show that was made by Dennis Heaton and written by Shelley Eriksen, Rachel Langer, Jennica Harper, Penny Gummerson, and Jason Filiatrault. March 7, 2019 is when the show first aired on Netflix. Jake Manley, Sarah Grey, Matt Frewer, Sam Trammell, Katharine Isabelle, and Max Martini are some of the people who appear in the show. The first season was well-received when it came out.

In March 2019, it was announced that the show would be back for a second 10-episode season that would air on June 18, 2020. When the show was over in November 2020, it had been on for two seasons.

Jake Manley plays college student Jack Morton, who joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, which is a secret group that learns and practises magic. As Jack learns more about the history of the organisation, he finds dark family secrets and a secret battle between werewolves and magical dark arts.

What is the release date for The Order season 3?

Unfortunately, there is no exact release date for season 3 of The Order at this time. But don’t panic: this isn’t necessarily bad news. After all, season 2 was just released, and we’d be astonished if Netflix didn’t want to continue a success storey like The Order. Most likely, a renewal is a matter of “when” rather than “if.”

Fortunately, we can make an educated guess regarding the “when,” given the show’s release schedule has been very consistent. We know that the first season of the show premiered in March 2019 and that season two will premiere on June 18, 2020. Knowing this, it’s logical to expect Season 3 to premiere in 2021. Current world events, of course, have wreaked havoc on production timetables, and if this affects The Order season 3, we may have to wait until 2022 for our Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose fix.

Who’s in the cast of The Order season 3?

Jack Morton, the series’ protagonist and current champion of the werewolf Silverback, serves as the Order’s centre of gravity. It’s a safe assumption that actor Jake Manley will reprise his role for season 3, possibly with a dramatically different hair colour this time around. It’s likely that we’ll also see the return of grand magus Vera Stone (played by Katharine Isabelle), Nicole Birch (Anesha Bailey), and the champions of the show’s various werewolves – Hamish Duke (Thomas Elms), Randall Carpio (Adam DiMarco), Gabrielle Dupres (Louriza Tronco), and the newly demonic Lilith Bathory – as well as the return of the newly demonic Lilith (Devery Jacobs). As well as some new faces, we’re likely to witness a return of pretty much any character who is still alive or otherwise mobile. In reality, because this is a programme about black magic, it’s not impossible that some of the characters may be dead at some point.

Regarding the resurrection of dead characters, there is a huge question mark hanging over the possibility of Alyssa Drake’s reappearance (Sarah Grey). Indeed, she looked to die at the hands of Midnight the werewolf in the season 2 finale, “New World Order, Part 2,” which aired last night. Will this imply that she will be permanently removed from the show? During The Order’s Comic-Con@Home 2020 panel, series creator Dennis Heaton was clear about Alyssa’s death being a last chapter in the series’ storey. Following a repeat of her last scene, he answered to a concern about whether or not Alyssa was indeed dead with the following response: “She is, without a doubt. A werewolf attacked and killed her… Her throat had been slashed open. Werewolves rip people’s necks out, and they die as a result of this.”

According to our opinion, Heaton protests far too loudly in this episode. There’s a good chance that some creatorly double-speak is in the works here. Although Alyssa may be dead as a result of her werewolf wounds, it is possible that she will be magically revived. Perhaps, if the series is continued for a third season, we will finally learn whether this was the original plan all along.

What is The Order season 3 going to be about?

Season 3 of The Order is jam-packed with compelling storylines to follow. Midnight, Jack’s old werewolf cover, is scheduled to debut as a full-fledged nemesis in season 3, following his savage slashing of Alyssa’s throat in the second season finale. Given that Midnight has essentially taken possession of its new champion, Gabrielle, it’s likely that she isn’t too pleased with the turn of affairs either. As for Jack himself, he was last seen fleeing into the woods with Alyssa’s bloodied body and a mystical book known as the Vade Maecum Infernal, which contains extraordinarily potent magical powers. Is he preparing to unleash its practically limitless power in order to seek resurrect himself? Will Alyssa be the same person she was before he succeeded? What will she do with the potent Foris Factorum incantation season 2 spells that have been placed at her disposal?

The show’s third season will have a slew of difficulties to deal with, in addition to the chance of whipping out the most powerful magic it has ever seen and dealing with the inevitable ramifications of that decision. Vera, the grand magus, is currently de-powered, according to the legend. Lilith, who spent a significant portion of season 2 confined in Hell, is now a demon in her own right. How they deal with their individual situations, as well as the problems that they and the other characters face, will be fascinating to watch. Let’s hope we’ll find out sooner rather than later how things turned out.

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