Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Club’ Filming Locations – Where Is It Filmed?

'The Midnight Club' Filming Locations
'The Midnight Club' Filming Locations

Unfortunately, it’s now “spooky season.” Do you know what that means? A brand-new movie by Mike Flanagan!

The Midnight Club is this year’s addition to the MFCU (Mike Flanagan Cinematic Universe). It is a horror mystery series about eight teens who are dying and staying at a hospice. Every night at midnight, they get together and tell each other scary stories. After the group agrees that the first person to die will talk to them from beyond the grave, strange things start to happen.

Now, when it comes to the Flanagan-verse, the 44-year-old director knows how to match the creepy stories with the right settings. From the scary-looking mansions in The Haunting anthology series to the creepy-looking church in Midnight Mass, it seems like Mike knows how to scare his audience with the setting.

So, let’s look at the places where The Midnight Club was shot.

Where Was The Movie “The Midnight Club” Shot? Information About The Filming Locations

The adaptation was announced for Netflix in May 2020, although production did not begin until May 2021. According to Mike Flanagan himself, who tweeted a photo of the clapperboard, main photography began on March 15, 2021, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

From there, production continued throughout the summer. In July 2022, the cast and crew were sighted filming in Ladner Village, a 20-minute drive south of Vancouver. According to Delta Optimist, a location crew member noted that the neighborhood perfectly matched the look of the show.

The team member informed Delta Optimist that they needed to locate a structure with three empty stores that they could thoroughly decorate. Unfortunately, a big fire broke out in Ladner Village at the end of 2019; this led to a large number of vacant apartment units. These unoccupied lots were, fortunately, “the ideal place for them to open their own shops.”

“I am aware that Ladner has had less-than-stellar film experiences in the past,” the team member continued. “Therefore, everything we’ve done has been in service of making it a pleasant experience for the businesses, tenants, and everyone else.”

Additional filming occurred at the Ladner United Church (the show aims to “include a stained-glass window”), the Spanish Banks beaches in Vancouver, and a few unidentified spots in Surrey.

Does Brightcliffe Hospice Exist?

Even though everyone wants to go to the scariest places in October, it looks like Brightcliffe Hospice is not a real place.

Now, for those who don’t know, the building’s name is different in the book. In the book, the teens stay at Rotterham Home, which is a hospice. Rotterham Home is made up, just like the show it is based on.

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