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The Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 8 Predictions, Episode 7 Recap And Who Was Eliminated In It

The seventh season of the American television series The Masked Singer ( Titled The Masked Singer: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly) started on Fox on March 9, 2022.

The Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 7 recap:

During tonight’s episode of “The Masked Singer,” Nick Cannon takes the stage. He welcomes everyone to “The Good,” “The Bad,” and “The Cute.” Nick introduces the group again. The Good will be the first group to play. The Prince has arrived. There is a commercial in which Nick dives in to see what it is. As seen in this video, The Prince appears to be a physically fit individual who enjoys wearing jewels.

Ricky Martin is one of the songs he picks to sing. He performs in Spanish. The group is impressed. The Prince says that he has done this before in front of big crowds. Ken thinks Enrique Iglesias is good. Robin thinks that he is a good sportsman maybe  Derek Jeter could be the person.  Jenny believes it is A-Rod. Jamie Lee Curtis sends the prince a video message.

Team Cuddly has been activated. Baby Mammoth comes out on stage, and everyone looks at him. The singer’s costume is a lot bigger than it looks. A group of people play. Perhaps she is an Olympian, as she is wearing a medal.

She talks about the Ice Age and how she has a great deal of confidence. Nick hugs Baby Mammoth after she did well on stage. When she talks about her silver, she wants gold. In Ken’s mind, she’s an ice skater. Perhaps Nancy Kerrigan. Nicole thinks of Kathleen Turner.

She comes out of a basket and walks on stage next. The commercial for Queen Cobra is packed with superheroes. He does some moves with several cobras behind her while she sings. Nicole thinks she is a good singer. Jenny thinks that among all these cobras, there are actually two. There are many superheroes in this room, and Ken points them out. Ken had Anne Hathaway in mind.

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Jack in the Box sings for Team Bad next. A man sings “Bad to the Bone.” Robin suspects Robert Duval once a few clues are disclosed. Ken thinks that this individual is a billionaire. It could be Elon Musk. Jenny speculates on Joe Pesci.

Team Cuddly is back in action this time with Space Bunny. A possible connection to basketball is shown in the commercial. After that, Space Bunny sings Jump in the Line. Robin thinks that this is a singer from the Caribbean. He might be Sean Paul. Nicole thinks it’s LeBron James.

This week, Jack in the Box is going home. Jenny stands with her guess of Joe Pesci before the artist shows his true identity. Robin’s guess about Robert Duval stinks. Ken thinks this is Elon Musk, and Nicole thinks this is Al Roker, but they are both wrong.

Take it off, says the panel and the audience. It is  Rudy Giuliani, Everyone is shocked. He says he made the show for fun.

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Who was eliminated in the last episode: Episode 7 of The Masked Singer Season 7 

This week, Jack in the Box is going home.

In The Masked Singer Season 7, who is Jack in the Box?

Rudy Giuliani was wearing the Jack in the Box mask! Giuliani is a well-known American politician and lawyer, most known as a lawyer for President Donald Trump.

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His attendance on the show had been rumored for months earlier to the episode’s airing, and viewers were not happy. In fact, we were all under the impression that Giuliani’s show would be the season 7 premiere. Without a doubt, the judges were disappointed. Without a doubt, this is a controversial move.

There are still a few episodes remaining, including the conclusion! Who do you believe will win this season? We’re not sure which one to choose because we actually love them all. And I have no idea who Queen Cobra is – but she sings well! Well, your guess is as good as mine!

When will The Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 8 air?

The Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 8 will be aired on 27 April 2022.

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Where do we watch The Masked Singer Season 7 Episode 8?

Only on FOX will you be able to see The Masked Singer season 7 episode 8 on April 27.


The Masked Singer Season 7 Trailer:

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