The Last Kingdom Season 6: Here’s Why ‘the Last Kingdom’ Is Ending After Season 5


Something about historical dramas captivates an audience. The first was Game of Thrones, and the second is The Last Kingdom. Netflix launched the latest season in March 2022. With its immersive action sequences, incorporation of genuine historical events, and an engrossing plot, it’s easy to see why fans are already demanding season 6?.

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The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date: Confirmed Or Canceled?

The Last Kingdom will not be renewed for a sixth season on Netflix, according to the Twitter page current show status. Season 6 of The Last Kingdom has been canceled.

The final episode of The Last Kingdom didn’t come as a great surprise to the actors and crew of the show. In part, this is because, since it was first announced, the show’s creators have stated that they intend to adopt two of Cornwell’s novels per season.

Cornwell had only released ten books in his The Saxon Stories novel series by the time The Last Kingdom premiered on Netflix, indicating that Season 5 would be the series’ final season.

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At The End of The Last Kingdom Season 5

Uhtred’s epic journey concludes in Bebbanburg, his ancestral home, which was stolen from him by his evil uncle Aelfric decades ago and inherited by his cold-hearted cousin Wihtgar.

Uhtred has crept into Bebbanburg Castle to aid in the rescue of his beloved Aethelflaed’s kidnapped daughter, Aelfwynn, from the cunning Aethelhelm and his current ally, King Constantin of Scotland.

Wihtgar, Uhtred’s arch-enemy, attempts to assassinate Aelfwynn atop the battlements. Uhtred, who is trying to hide there, battles Wihtgar in order to save Aelfwynn. Uhtred is reunited with his friends, while Aelfywnn flees, but Wihtgar informs his adversaries. While Wihtgar hunts Uhtred inside, Edward leads his men, including Aethelstan, against Bebbanburg.

Hild suggests sneaking Aelfwynn over the fence. Uhtred and his companions decide to fight their opponents in order to force the women to flee. Constantin, on the other hand, devises a ruse to make it appear as if they’ve escaped Bebbanburg in order to draw Edward to his fate.

Uhtred and his companions make their way back to the ramparts, where they can see Constantin’s trap. Constantin strikes when Edward’s army is surrounded, forcing Edward’s army into the water.

Despite the fact that everything appears to be lost, Uhtred and his companions make it to the outskirts of Bebbanburg. He tracks down Stiorra and persuades her to join the Saxon cause alongside her Danish soldiers.

At The End of The Last Kingdom Season 5
At The End of The Last Kingdom Season 5

Uhtred appeals to his mixed ancestry in declaring that if they win, Northumbria would be a country where Danes and Saxons can coexist peacefully. Stiorra and her people reach an agreement, and the Scots are ambushed from behind. Constantin becomes terrified and orders his soldiers to set fire to Bebbanburg.

Uhtred races into Bebbanburg to confront Wihtgar. First, he must defeat his lackeys. After following his mentor into the stronghold, Aethelstan comes across Aethelhelm.

His half-brother, Aelfweard, enters and threatens Aethelstan, who then reveals that the nasty older dude’s plot was responsible for Aelfweard’s mother’s death. Aelfweard abandons his grandfather, who commits suicide after Aethelstan chooses to leave him alive.

Uhtred and Wihtgar fight in the dark, and Uhtred easily dispatch his evil cousin by tossing him off a balcony. Uhtred and Aethelstan reunite in the scorching courtyard of Bebbanburg. Aethelstan wants him to leave, but Uhtred insists on staying in Bebbanburg.

Rain pours down from the sky, putting out the fires. Uhtred eventually obtains his birthright and makes a deal with Constantin, who then flees. Uhtred tells Constantin that he promised to keep Northumbria as a buffer between England and Scotland till a monarch worthy of uniting England appeared.

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Where To Watch The Last Kingdom Season 5

You can watch The Last Kingdom Season 5 On Netflix

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Trailer Updates

There is no trailer for The Last Kingdom Season 6 the season 6 has been canceled. You can Watch The Trailer for The Last Kingdom season 5 given below.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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