The Hated: What Is Known About The Upcoming Live-Action At Netflix?

The Hated: What Is Known About The Upcoming Live-Action At Netflix?

Streaming giant Netflix has licensed David F. Walker’s action comic “The Hated” for a live-action western series. After “Jupiter’s Legacy”, the streamer has the next big comic fish on the hook, which could bring a breath of fresh air to the genre with its balancing act between spaghetti westerns and blaxploitation thrillers as well as with a female lead.

David F. Walker has contributed significantly to the comic book universes of Marvel and DC. In 2019 he founded his own label Solid Comix to let off steam creatively and create series that are close to his heart. Walker in Link is happy to tell you more about this and his project “The Hated”.

The Hated: What Is The Plot Of The Show?

“The Hated” presents a revision of US history in a Western guise. Imagine if the American Civil War ends differently – instead of victory for the north, there is now a fragile ceasefire. And what used to be a united country is now divided in two. While slavery is still legal in one country, the African-American population is completely free in the other.

Bounty hunter Araminta Free specializes in unnoticed crossing the border to the Confederation of America, where slavery is still the order of the day, and tracking down war criminals. Her deeds have made the former slave into a tough woman – including a high bounty.

Michael Starrbury (“Colin in Black & White”) is primarily responsible for the new Netflix series. The Emmy-nominated screenwriter will also co-produce “The Hated” as executive producer with Adrian Askariah (“Hitman: Agent 47”) of Prime Universe Films, David F. Walker and Sean Ovolo.

The project is currently being planned. A release is therefore still in the distant future.

The Hated: When Will It Release?

The Hated is an all female-led show that will be soon making its way to Netflix. The showrunner of the series will be Michael Starbury who will also act as an executive producer. The show will be based on a comic book written by David F. Walker. 

So far an official release date for The Hated has not been revealed by its makers or the streaming giant. Though we hope that an official announcement about the release date of the show will be made soon. In the meantime fans who like the above mentioned description can visit Starburry’s previous works which include Colin: in Black and White and When They See Us.

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