The Flash Canceled: Will Grant Gustin Replace Ezra Miller?

The Flash Canceled
The Flash Canceled

After 9 long seasons, CW’s The Flash will finally come to an end.

This was the second most popular CW show after Stephen Amell’s The Arrow got canceled.

The CW’s The Flash will conclude after its upcoming ninth season consisting of 13 episodes.

Although, The Flash tv series had fair share of success and failure, it was Grant Gustin who made CW’s Flash as one of most beloved character on the TV.

His work on the TV Series is the reason why you may be looking at Grant Gustin taking over as DCEU Flash following the Ezra Miller incident. So, the question that comes around is – Will Grant Gustin Replace Ezra Miller in future DCEU projects?

Well, let’s find out about that –

The Flash Season 9 Release Date

As previously reported, there were high hopes of the flash getting renewed for the 9th season. However, ehat nobody knew was, it’ll be last time we’ll be seeing the fastest man alive.

Now with the popular CW show is entering into the final phase, flash fans eagerly wants to know when the last season’s gonna air.

A total of 184 episodes will make up the final season, which will air in the first half of 2023.

Now that Flash Season 9 is scheduled to air next year, let’s break the biggest elephant in the room –

Will Grant Gustin Replace Ezra Miller in the Future DCEU projects?

Following the Ezra Miller Threatening Teen in a Grocery Store controversy, Warner Bros. is already in the tight spot.

On one hand The Flash starring Ezra Miller is slated to release in 2023, and on the other hand, Ezla Miller’s latest controversy has marked the biggest dent in their future DCEU plans that are already going downhill.

It may seem like a good idea to cast Grant Gustin as The Flash instead of Ezra Miller.

However, Zack Snyder’s introspection has led him to the conclusion that the prospect of this happening is unacceptable.

Due to Ezra Miller’s recent legal troubles, viewers of the CW show want the actor to take up the lead role. But director Zack Snyder thinks that’s the wrong choice.

We have to say this to all the CW viewers: calm down. The idea of casting Grant Gustin as the Flash in the DCEU would be appealing at first.

But here’s why it will not work at all –

  1. The tone of Grant Gustin’s Flash is very different.
  2. Both the TV series and the movie feature events set in parallel realities, dubbed “The Flash.”
  3. Ezra Miller Might Get Replaced After His Latest Controvercies But Grant Gustin isn’t the right guy to replace him.

Now that Flash is canceled, are you looking forward to see Grant Gustin play DCEU flash in the future projects?

Do share your honest thoughts in the comments below.

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